Great Awakening Live Testimonies

Check out the testimonies from people all over the world that have been touched by the fire of God and taken the Good News of the gospel on the streets. Tell us your testimony! How has the Great Awakening impacted you?

If you have a web camera and microphone on your computer, click here to record your 60 second, testimony.

If you'd like to use your smart phone to record a 30 second testimony, please email it to

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  1. Gravatar David Larson 1/19/2011 12:16:29 AM


  2. Gravatar Marianne Johnston 2/16/2011 9:40:31 PM

    Dear Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne, I am fearful that I might be doing an injustice to the people that I am asking to pray the Soul-winnning script with me (4 so far). I have been asking for the Fire of the Holy Spirit , with evidence of tongues, for years,but for some unknown reason I have not received the fire yet...If I had the Holy Spirit the people I pray with might be able to receive it also... You have said on the broadcast that one couldn't do this without the fire and I read the same thing on-line at the site.. Please answer this question for me soon, as I feel that I need to stop trying to minister to the lost until I know this...I may be preventing them from receiving the Holy Spirit.. I have called for prayer to receive the Holy Spirit and did not.. My second question is "Why can't I receive the Holy Spirit?" I have very little feeling in my hands and feet from the side effects of Chemotherapy and have been advised not to drive by my onocologist, or I'd be down there in Tampa to get the Fire!! God Bless you and your beautiful wife Adonica. You all are definately a God-send for America.. I Pray for you all and thank you that your ministry is changing minds and hearts all over the world..God bless you!!!

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