Singapore Ablaze (DVD)

This series captures on screen some of the most amazing meetings ever held in Singapore.

In this explosive series, Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne releases the power of God in Singapore. He teaches how you can receive everything you need from the anointing and how to allow that power to come out of you into the lives of others—leaving them changed for eternity!

In the anointing of God all of your needs are met. The anointing is the supernatural provision to get the job done. It empowers you to complete your race, to stay on course, and to not succumb to the persecution of others. If you want to receive this power without measure, then you have to place a demand on it! If you come desperate and with faith, then you WILL receive everything you need!

Once you have this power, you are not supposed to keep it to yourself. Jesus said freely you have received, therefore freely give! Just as you receive the anointing of God by faith, you too must release it with faith and the lives of those around you will be changed!

Watch this series and see firsthand the power of God changing lives. Thousands of lives were changed by sharing the simple truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ—because the gospel IS the power of God!

Also available in: MPEG4

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