• 43 Call Center 4/28/16 (Call Center - Tampa, Florida)
  • 40 Call Center 4/25 (Call Center - Tampa, Florida)
  • 25 Call Center 4/21/16 (Call Center - Tampa, Florida)
  • 51 Call Center 4/18/16 (Call Center - Tampa, Florida)
  • 50 Call Center 4/14/16 (Call Center - Tampa, Florida)
  • 25 Call Center 4/11/2016 (Call Center - Tampa, Florida)
  • 22 Call Center 4/7/2016 (Call Center - Tampa, Florida)
  • 44 Call Center 4/4/2016 (Call Center - Tampa, Florida)
  • 24 Call Center 3/24/16 (Call Center - Tampa, Florida)
  • 26 Call Center 3/17/16 (Call Center - Tampa, Florida)
  • 20 Error, misprint. 20 more saved in 4 days. (joseph - Tampa , Florida)
  • 21 Call Center 3/10/16 (Call Center - Tampa, Florida)
  • 12 Call Center 3/10/16 (Call Center - Tampa, Florida)
  • 8 Today, 7 Big Fish got saved,including Chuck/Chuck,s Natural Food Store. (joseph - Tampa, Florida)
  • 18 APS 3/9/16 (Call Center - Tampa, Florida)
  • 20 call center (Call Center - tampa, Florida)
  • 11 Call Center 3/7/2016 (Call Center - Tampa, Florida)
  • 17 Call Center 3/3/2016 (Call Center - Tampa, Florida)
  • 1 On 2/29/16 a Customer Service Rep from Anderson Windows, Tim, came to correct my vertical blinds and while here I asked him if died tonight would he go to heaven and he said of course I am a good person. Then I read the Script to him and he accepted Jesus in his heart and the truth set him free. Praise God! (June - Easton, Pennsylvania)
  • 1 On 3/2/16, I had a woman visit to follow up my new windows and the woman, Lindsey, that followed up on the service given to me accepted Jesus in her heart. I asked if she knew if she was going to heaven if she died today and she thought she would. So I read to her about what the bible says in the Script. She then accepted Jesus in her heart after being informed of the truth. Praise God! (June - Easton, Pennsylvania)

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