• 22 Call Center 8/27/2015 (Call Center - Tampa, Florida)
  • 5 2 office workers, one of them a woman that looked like a man because of her homosexual lifestyle she was ensnared in, but when she saiid the prayer the change was so profound, she suddenly looked like a woman and began to act like a woman again, yesterday a lady rededicated her life to the Lord in a store , and began to get flooded with the Power of the H.S, a Jaoanese wonen's Volleyball coach gave her life to Jesus this morning , the others got saved before and after the first two ladies (M & M - Tampa, Florida)
  • 20 Call Center 8/20/2015 (Call Center - Tampa, Florida)
  • 1 Picking up key for building we meet in Salisbury. Me and my son Elijah went to get an ice cream cone. I led a Spanish dude to the Lord. Revival Fire Church Salisbury, NC pray for me love you Rodney & Adonica!! (Gerald - Salisbury , North Carolina)
  • 1 One soul was saved outside of the bank. (Kammini - Tampa, Florida)
  • 11 Call Center 8/17/2015 (Call Center - Tampa, Florida)
  • 23 Polk County Jail 13 Filled with Holy Spirit 3 Physical Healings Jennifer Noble, Dominique Sain ,Christine Gunther, Melissa Davis, Mary Jarvis, Angenette Poole, Nesia Brock, Jeanne Terrell, Melissa Gibson, Rachelle Watkins, Debra Watkins, Chinisha Jacksen,Teresa Hamilton, Jenay Burns, Cynthia Garcia, Amy Cury, Dawn Lemma, Bridgette White, Michelle Bell, Candace Campbell, Jamie Ranier, Amy Matthews, Krystal Kierce (Martha - Bartow, Florida)
  • 15 At a nearby apt complex we met 2 ladies and a 12 year old girl...Nagat is from Irag, Salma is from Turkey, and Maryam is from Irag...Salma is a refugee from Turkey and came to America through a sponsorship via a Catholic charity organization. We shared the gospel script with them and all 3 prayed and received..when we asked if they needed a bible they said they had one...in ARABIC !! PTL (Jim & Cindi - albuquerque, New Mexico)
  • 1 One soul saved in my neighborhood. (Kammini - Tampa, Florida)
  • 1 Today we had the air conditioning serviced and after the man finished the work, I gave him a survey to fill out and he filled it out and read the prayer on that survey out loud. I then told him about the web site for RMI and said he can watch church online because he said he works on Sundays. (Patty - Tampa, Florida)
  • 3 Three souls saved in my neighborhood and at a restaurant. (Kammini - Tampa, Florida)
  • 35 APS 8/14/15 (Call Center - Tampa, Florida)
  • 4 call center 8/13/15 (Call Center - tampa, Florida)
  • 9 Call Center 8/13/2015 (Call Center - Tampa, Florida)
  • 4 People saved in Church (Jessica - Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada)
  • 3 I led 3 to the Lord across the street from where the Hornets play after working at the theater! (Gerald - Charlotte , North Carolina)
  • 21 Call Center 8/11/2015 (Call Center - Tampa, Florida)
  • 30 Call Center 8/6/15 (Call Center - Tampa, Florida)
  • 1 I had my car serviced today and the Shuttle Service driver on the return trip accepted Jesus in his heart and he thought that he was a good Catholic and would go to heaven so I read the script to him to show him what the bible had to say and he, Monte, accepted Jesus in his heart. He asked me for a copy of the Script and I gave him my copy to bring his family to the Lord. Praise God! He was very grateful. (June - Easton, Pennsylvania)
  • 63 Outreach (Eric - Lisbon, Portugal)

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