• 25 Call Center A/B Stats May 21st 2014 (Edwin C. - Tampa, Florida)
  • 27 Call Center A/B Shifts May 15th 2014 (Edwin C. - Tampa , Florida)
  • 27 Call Center Stats A&B March 3 2014 (Stephanie - Tampa, Mississippi)
  • 1267 I am pastor of Calvary Cross Church and every day I go out into the area around our church to witness to those who do not know Jesus. I have been doing this ever since I went to four of the Great Awakening Tours in 2006 and 2007. The people in Oklahoma City are starving for Jesus, but we need more people going out. Pray for me and for those who will join me in going out to the lost. (David - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
  • 39 39 souls Saturday and Sunday soulwinning on the street with church members. This is the second church that is open to soulwinning. Pastor Olger said that he was praying for evangelism in his church and he is very excited about it. This is the second church that opened its door to do soulwinning training weekly; in this one Saturdays pm, the other church Thursdays pm. We are praying for holy boldness for the people. (csaba - Lima, Lurigancho, Peru)
  • 5062 Stats for King Jesus Ministry (Apostle G. Maldonado) through May 2, 2011 (Sergio - Miami, Florida)
  • 43 A group of 4 went to a nursing home this morning and residents, nurses, people in housekeeping gave their hearts to Jesus. Soul Winning Scripts were given out to workers so that they could continue leading people to Jesus! On the way home, I went to Walmart and 1 more person accepted Jesus--she said she was 80 years "young!" Thank you Lord! (Stella - Goose Creek, South Carolina)
  • 52 walls of salvation witness team have been taking the streets back for Jesus. April 25-April 27 we lead 52 souls to Christ.On Resurrection Sunday after an awesome word from Dr. Haston,we went to Municipal Park an lead over 100 souls to Christ. (Julius - Prichard, Alabama)
  • 118 Today, in a matter of an hour, we saw 8 new soul winners (Gagneurs' d'ames) accompanied by two group leaders come in with a harvest of 118 souls using the soul winning survey!! Hallelujah!!! Now it's getting by the day more and more exciting... Boy! This is talking about France??!! These soul winning surveys are SURE anointed and ARE TRULY CREATED "inspired" FOR FRANCE. I believe. Thank you Drs Rodney and Adonica for yeilding to the Holy Spirit in listening. Thank you Pastor Jennifer for proposing those soul winning survey scripts to me. Your suggestions are working. Pastor Timothy. (Timothy - MEZIERES SUR SEINE, France)
  • 60 Soul Winning Station WellSpring Church Sarasota, FL is winning the lost! (David - Sarasota, Florida)
  • 36 Easter Sunday Salvations at Skyway Church 22 Adults & 14 Children! (Kimberly E - Goodyaer, Arizona)
  • 412 Hi Pastor Eric, Last week we got immersed in the anointing and FIRE as Dr Rodney and Adonica HOWARD BROWNE ministered and laid hands on everybody in the European Faith Gathering in Laax, Switzerland. It was truly a Divine appointment for my wife and I. So as we got back to Paris we transmitted this FIRE to all the Pastors and leaders present in our meeting. We laid hands on every one of them and in the next day’s training session the effect of this anointing was visible. During the meeting more Pastors came in to join us once again increasing the total number of Churches coming together now to win souls in the streets of Paris. These Pastors came out with us in the streets to win souls. I can tell you that usually most Pastors in Paris do not go out soul winning. But since this connection and this transmitted new fire, we now see Pastors go soul winning with the survey and testify that since they’ve started going out to win souls they have recovered something precious which was mi (Timothy - Paris, France)
  • 51 That Church Soul Winning (Holli - Fort Worth, Texas)
  • 120 pastors bruce/martha davis went out today with 5 members from their church (NEW HOPE IN CHRIST).we are excited about what God is during.we are sharing with other local pastors about the power evangelism soul-winning packet and we are encouraging them to go to www.revival.com and www.greatawakening.com. I just want to borrow the words of the apostle paul,we give thanks to God always for you all, making mention of you in our prayers; Remembering without ceasing your work of faith,and labour of love,and patience of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ,in the sight of God and our Father. First Thessalonians chapter one verses two and three. (bruce - washington, District of Columbia)
  • 56 Three of us today took to the streets for 2 1/2 hrs 7 had 56 new salvations! Todd said "I love foing this because it's so easy to read the script to people and they are so happy and tell me thank you and then shake my hand." Another team member Jake said "When I prayed for a woman named Maria she was so very greatful & I could tell that she really understood what God was saying through the script." We prayed for a woman who deperately needed salvation and His forgiveness as she had just recently lost her son to suicide. She wept. Another man just got out of the hospital that day who had actually died for almost 2 minutes 3 days ago when he had a seizure. He paryed the salvation prayer today for the first time. His freind was also saved and recieved healing from depression as we prayed. He broke into tears as he confessed his sin to Jesus. "I feel peace", he said. PRAISE JESUS!!!!! (Kimberly E - Glendale, AZ, Arizona)
  • 1 A new water delivery man named Starling delivered water today. I read the Gospel Script to him and he received Jesus as Lord and Saviour and was Baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. I gave Starling a copy of the script and wrote down the WEB information to watch Revival and the River Church. What makes this so amazing is I know I am nobody without Jesus and the Holy Spirit, but I am used in such an amazing way. I have passed out tracts for years. Sure I have led some to the Lord, but not like using this anointed script. I am so grateful for Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Word of God and everyone at the River Church for all that you have done to make this possible. Bless all of you (Barbara - Lancaster, California)
  • 682 Just the beginning (Adam - natal, Brazil)
  • 36 S3 Station - 36 souls saved - plundering hell, populating heaven!!!! (Stephen & Kathy - Mistissini, Quebec, Canada)
  • 2 Saw 2 men as I was leaving work today, got in my car and left the parking lot, then turned around and went back to tell them the good news. I told them that God loved them sooooo much that He sent me specifically to them to tell them. When I began speaking to them, the love and compassion of God for them was very strong. One of the men had never been saved and one was backslidden. They both prayed and accepted the gift God had for them today, salvation and the baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues! I gave them DVD's told them about the Great Awakening, and shared how to use the Gospel Script! Wow! I feel the fire of the Holy Ghost! (Stella - Goose Creek, South Carolina)
  • 66 The Walls of Salvation witness team lead 66 people to the Lord today on the streets of Mobile. (Julius - Prichard, Alabama)

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