Celebrate America - Silver Spring, Maryland

July 3, 2019

Drs. Rodney & Adonica Howard-Browne invite you to join them for Celebrate America in Washington, DC. The dates are June 30 - July 5, 2019.

During these 5 days of Celebrate America, we will commemorate the United States Declaration of Independence and what the Constitution of the United States has meant to this land. We will celebrate the heritage of America and our Founding Fathers who acknowledged "firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence."

Wednesday, July 3rd
Location: Iglesia Tiempo De Gracia
12711 New Hampshire Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20904

Service Time: 7 PM
Phone: (414) 562-8463

Event Info:

  • 07/03/2019
  • Wed - Wed
  • Iglesia Tiempo De Gracia
  • (414) 562-8463
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