S3 Missions

Please note: The Great Awakening Broadcast, Revival Ministries International, The River at Tampa Bay Church, and/or their staff/personnel accept no liability for any actions, demonstrations, counsel and/or services rendered by the following ministries, groups, and/or individuals and do not necessarily endorse and/or support the doctrine, beliefs, and/or practices of the registered S3s that are listed. The following list is provided only for reference and should not be viewed as affiliates of any of the above listed entities. This list should not be used for marketing purposes and/or solicitation purposes. Do not utilize it for any other reason than it's intended.

  • Church
  • Vreugd & Vrijheid
    Mosterdhof 188
    Westervoort, 6931 AT 150
    Phone: 31263113897
    Website: www.vreugdenvrijheid.nl
  • Ministry
  • Neheimia Ministries
    Sar+re state 30
    Ede, 6316se 150
    Phone: 31-650801710
    Website: www.ignite-ede.nl
  • Church
  • Word Power Ministries NL
    Parkweg 203
    Schiedam, 3119 CG 150
    Phone: 31619150518
    Website: http://wordpowernl.webs.com
  • Ministry
  • Arbeiders in de Oogst
    Remmerstein 87
    Dordrecht, 3328 BR 150
    Phone: 31786510772
    Website: www.arbeidersindeoogst.nl
  • Ministry
  • River Amsterdam
    1094CC Amsterdam Stay Okay Building
    Zwijndrecht, XXX 150
    Phone: Tel: 06-4613493
    Website: http://www.riveramsterdam.com/
  • Church
  • City Alive Church
    ravensteijnweg 1a
    Middelburg, 4337PG 150
    Phone: +31648065644
    Email: cityalivechurch@gmail.com
    Website: www.cityalivechurch.com