I am so blessed that my cup is running over


Publish date: 03/21/2007

Since I have been attending The River, I am blessed in many ways. My granddaughter Shayna was saved by the grace of God. She gave her heart to the Lord. I had a healing in my right ear. Praise God! Every time I give an offering I get checks in the mail that I do not expect. I am so blessed that my cup is running over. Praise God! One night coming home from The River I could speak only in tongues. My daughter-in-law could not understand what I was saying. I spoke in the Holy Ghost all that night and could not speak in other language until the next day. God bless you Rev. Rodney Howard-Browne. The Lord is using you in a mighty way. I pray for a great revival at The River. My life is totally changed and on fire for God. Praise His Holy Name.

Thelma T.