My whole household was Saved!


Publish date: 04/23/2007

I have been praying for my family for over 23 years.  My father has really been on my heart, he is a quiet man but strong - he has been a construction worker for over 30 years.  I tried to share Jesus with him in the past, but every time a distraction would come or my tongue got tied and I just could not communicate the Gospel right.  I knew that if he died I was 100% sure that he would go to hell - he told me in the past that he had no need of Jesus.  All these years my heart has been very heavy and I felt ashamed that I could not communicate the gospel well but I continued to stand on God's Word that all of my household would be saved.

During and after the RMI Great Awakening Conference the Lord caused a great revival fire to light up in me.   The fire of revival is burning more in me now than any time in my life and the one thing that has stoked the fire white hot is the joy of winning people to Jesus.  I have led more adult people to Jesus in the last 4 weeks than anytime in my 23 years with Jesus.  I believe this is what has caused a household salvation to happen in my family.

Last Saturday, my parents were in town and I explained to them what has been happening in my life and asked them if I could share the Soul-winning Script with them and they said ok.   I read the card word for word very nervously and they prayed the prayer of salvation!  I could hardly make it through the script as my father prayed for a hunger for God and to receive Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.   My mom also rededicated her life.  Other family members that received Christ is my sister, sister-in-law, my niece, her husband and an old drug buddy from high school.  God is doing it and He is so faithful to His word! I am so confident that the key to this household salvation is that as I have been taking care of God's business of winning people to Jesus and He in turn has taken care of my business of getting everyone in my family into an eternity with Jesus.

Thank You Jesus!

Tim W.