"I can see! I can see! Thank you Jesus!


Publish date: 11/06/2007

Tony K., a missionary from Commerce, Texas called for prayer for a seven-fold return on some equipment that had been stolen from him valued at $1500.00.  I noticed that Tony sounded very depressed and asked him if he was in pain.  Tony said that he had damaged his right eye seven years prior and was not able to see out of it.   I asked him if he believed in miracles and his response was not that of belief.  I asked if there was anyone with him that could lay hands on him.  He said, "yes, Susan." I told him to put her on the phone and learned that Susan was filled with the Spirit and believed in miracles.  I asked her to put her hand over Tony's right eye and to start praying in tongues.  She handed the phone back to Tony and I began to pray.  Suddenly,  Tony shouted, " I can see! I can see! Thank you Jesus!" I  could hear Susan in the background screaming hallelujah.  Wow!  He called the prayer line for the return of something stolen and received his eye restored!  God is great!

Richard B.