Financial Miracle


Publish date: 11/06/2007

On March 10th of this year I came to service at The River on almost empty.  I had one dollar in my purse.  I had no money to give and no funds available on credit cards to charge.  I put one dollar in the offering and the Lord showed me that I had 2 gift cards in my purse. One was for $25.00 to Smokey Bones and the other one was a $50.00 card to Kohl's. I felt stupid giving it and I didn't write my name on the envelope.  However, I wanted to give and could give only out of what I had.  I knew that I would be getting a check for a certain amount of money in the next week but on the very next day after attending service, I received a check for two times the amount that I expected!  I sowed my gift cards and the Lord blessed me the very next day! 

Karen H.