Haiti Day 9

Good News Crusades

Publish date: 02/22/2010

The team in Haiti preached the Sunday morning service in Pastor Marcel's Church and saw hundreds get filled with the Holy Spirit. We taught on the Anointing in the night Crusade, and hundreds flooded the altar hungry for more of God.

Invest now in the Gospel - Please mark your gift as Haiti, Thank You!

Haiti21.2.10am_1.JPG (Large)

Teaching in the Kids Church

Haiti21.2.10am_4.JPG (Medium)Haiti21.2.10am_3.JPG (Medium)

Haiti21.2.10am_5.JPG (Large)Haiti21.2.10am_6.JPG (Medium)Haiti21.2.10am_7.JPG (Medium)Haiti21.2.10am_9.JPG (Medium)Haiti21.2.10am_8.JPG (Medium)Haiti21.2.10am_13.JPG (Large)

Haiti21.2.10am_11.JPG (Medium)Haiti21.2.10am_12.JPG (Medium)

Pastor Rodney greets the 'Tabernacle de la Foi' from Tampa, FL via RBN (right)

Haiti21.2.10am_14.JPG (Large)Haiti21.2.10am_15.JPG (Medium)Haiti21.2.10am_17.JPG (Medium)Haiti21.2.10am_16.JPG (Large)

This is the altar call for the infilling for the Holy Spirit (above, below)Haiti21.2.10am_18.JPG (Large)

Night Crusade

Haiti21.2.10pm_1.JPG (Medium)Haiti21.2.10pm_3.JPG (Medium)Haiti21.2.10pm_2.JPG (Large)Haiti21.2.10pm_4.JPG (Large)Haiti21.2.10pm_5.JPG (Large)

Everywhere you go...

Haiti21.2.10pm_6.JPG (Large)Haiti21.2.10pm_7.JPG (Medium)Haiti21.2.10pm_8.JPG (Medium)Haiti21.2.10pm_9.JPG (Medium)Haiti21.2.10pm_10.JPG (Medium)Haiti21.2.10pm_11.JPG (Large)Haiti21.2.10pm_12.JPG (Large)


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