Mary's Testimony


Publish date: 03/18/2010

In late October 2007 I went to my first Great Awakening Tour.  I was so excited, because I had been crying out to God to show me a way to tell people about Jesus.  In twenty-four years of being saved I had led only two people to the Lord.  Yet when I stepped in front of that first door on my first souls-winning day at the GAT, the lady who answered the door prayed and asked Jesus into her heart.  At that moment my life changed forever!  I knew this was why I was on the earth.  This was what God created me for.  This was His call on my life to “Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel.” 

Since that day in October I have prayed the prayer of salvation with over nine hundred people.  Soul winning, I have come to realize, is not only a calling (to all Christians), it’s a passion and a lifestyle.  In January of 2009 God called me into full time evangelism.  Next week I start the fourth quarter of my first year at the River Bible Institute where I am receiving training to fulfill the call of God on my life.  RBI is an unprecedented training ground to launch students into worldwide ministry.  As a student I have stepped out of the gray zone, shed false doctrine, searched my heart, returned to solid basic doctrine, plumed new depths and heights of knowing the Word, and come into a radically wonderful relationship with the Lord.  It has been the most riveting, the most necessary, and the most awesome experience of my life.  I am deeply indebted to Pastors Rodney and Adonica Howard-Browne, the RBI staff, and all those at The River at Tampa Bay Church who have so sacrificially poured into my life.  Thanks be to God, I shall run my race and finish my course, and by His grace, I shall finish strong!

Mary Fields