Good News Mamelodi Crusade Update

Good News Crusades

Publish date: 10/21/2005

We have over 400 churches participating in the crusade with us and we also have over 400 people, from many different churches, signed up for the Mamelodi Mass Choir. There is great excitement and anticipation for the crusade in Mamelodi.

We have four radio stations signed up to broadcast GNM live every night. Two are Christian stations and two are secular stations. The manager of one of these secular stations was not interested in airing the crusade at all. He had already made up his mind and was completely closed about it. We asked him if we could at least have ten minutes to talk about it and advertise it on his station and he said no way. So we asked if we could buy the time and he gave us a price. We paid it and our Good News crusade director, Sydney Francis and another minister spoke for ten minutes about Good News Mamelodi and what God was going to do. At the end, the station manager who had been listening, came in and said, "I am an atheist. I do not believe in God, or what you are doing, and I did not want to have your crusade on my radio station, but while you were speaking something came over me and I am going to allow you to broadcast your crusade live on my station!" Isn't God awesome? He has given us tremendous favor not only with churches, ministers, and Christians, but with secular businesses too!

We have our GNM advert in several nationwide newspapers and on eleven major billboards. We have also put up 7000 posters and handed out one million handbills! Every night of the crusade we will distribute tickets and have drawing to win R5000 (approximately $800).