He said "Jeannette, you just had a miracle happen...


Publish date: 04/01/2005

A few weeks ago I had gone to the hospital for surgery.  I had a blood count of 11.75 the day of surgery.  My blood has always been something I've had to deal with.  The doctor told me that I would not lose blood because of this surgery, but somehow I left the hospital 2 days later with a blood count of 8.0 and because of this I've had no strength.  If I'd walk more than a few steps, I would be totally out of breath.  When I went to my doctor he said that if my blood drops to 7.0, I would need a blood transfusion.

At the end of the week I went to The River and found that we were going to partake in communion that service,  I had told the Lord before going that morning, "I need My blood transfusion today!!!!!  I cannot leave this serice without my blood transfusion."  After we took communion, Pastor Todney prayed for me.  The moment he laid hands on me it felt as if a cannon ball hit me in my spirit and for the first time in 19 days I could take a deep breath.

Monday, I went to my doctors appointment.  When the blood tests were taken, the doctor found that my blood count ahd gone up to 10.4, I told him that I received prayer yesterday.

He said "Jeannette, you just had a miracle happen, because your blood takes 180 days to replenish itself and there is no way that this could happen.  I believe and I know that God gave you a miracle so go tell the church and testify."


Tampa, FL