I am so glad God is first in my life again...


Publish date: 02/23/2006

Hey Pastor Josh, it's H.F. Here's my testimony

and I just wanted to thank you so much for trying to

get me to church so many times.

God has been softening my heart even though I have been running away from him. As I tried experimenting with alcohol, the Buddhist religion, Harry Potter, skipping class, etc. I always

felt empty, like my soul was in torment no matter how

much pleasure my physical body was experiencing. I am

so glad God is first in my life again and that I can

finally get rid of these demons that have been

tormenting me. I can feel the change in my life

already, and I know I won't turn to alcohol, or

anything else, ever again. When the fire of God

smashed me on Friday night at the River Youth service, I felt so complete that I never

wanted to leave the floor. Thank you so much for