Good News Mdantsane Pre-Crusade Pictures

Good News Crusades

Publish date: 04/27/2006


Sisa Dukashe Stadium - NU2
Mdantsane, South Africa
Ph: 011 27 846263976
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 6:00 PM
Saturday and Sunday at 4:00 PM

Please click on the link below for an urgent message from Dr. Rodney Howard Browne concerning GOOD NEWS MDANTSANE.

If you would like to sow into revival & partner in reaping a harvest of souls, click here.

Pictures below:

This is how you sharpen pencils here in Africa.  These pencils will be used to write up thousands of Decision Cards---glory to God!

These are the stakes that will be used to create bus, car, & taxi parking./Elliott doing his part in helping with the stakes.

Stage, camera, & speaker towers are being assembled.

Captain of Police speaking with Michael regarding the many different areas that the Police will be covering./Making our own Safety Flags to direct the flow of the crowds, parking, and traffic control.

Installing the lights on the nine meter long poles and digging a trench for the electrical cables around the entire field.  Ministry is spelled W O R K.

Praise and Worship Leader of Good News Mdantsane./ Jennifer & Elliott at one of the many planning and preparation meetings for Good News Mdantsane.

Installing the lights which will hang down and light the Choir from the top of the Grand Stand. You don't want to know how we got up there :)

Digging the holes for the light poles.

Hundreds of GNMD posters are being posted on the poles located on the major roads.

We hang the GNMD posters high so they are not stolen and materials reused by another company.

Welcome sign at entrance of Mdantsane. To the right, these are the volunteer bus and taxi monitors being trained that will ride in the buses and taxis to monitor the routes.

Donald runs across a busy intersection with a ladder to hang more GNMD posters. This is the second Good News Crusade that he has helped us with.

It's Mdantsane's time for a great harvest of souls!

Volunteers praying and thanking the Lord.

Sydney Francis praying at the Good News Mdatansane Prayer March & Celebration as volunteers, Pastors, and leaders are praying on the crusade grounds.

Banner advertising Good News Mdantsane.

Each of these volunteers personally handed out over 1500 handbills.

Over 600 in attendance at the Prayer March & Celebration for Good News Mdantsane.

Eric being interviewed on one of the radio stations that will be airing Good News Mdantsane LIVE./Sani sharing at the Prayer March for Good News.

Painting the gate at the crusade grounds.

Fixing the lights and improving the crusade grounds.


It's never too early in the morning to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Sani, GNMD Office Manager, shares at the volunteer training class about the many breakthroughs in his life since he began serving with Good News Mdantsane. By the way, all these volunteers showed up at this meeting with winter cold temperatures, hurricane winds, and rain outside; most of them WALKED through those conditions to get here.

Eric and Jennifer introduce Elliott to everyone at Saturday's volunteer recruiting and training class.

Crusade Director, Sydney, testifies of God's goodness at Saturday's class. /Faithful worker, Donald, who also helped with Good News Mamelodi.

These precious ladies showed up 2 1/2 hours early to the volunteer training class.  They traveled through hurricane winds, winter cold temperatures, and heavy rain to get there.

All of us worshiping the Lord and thanking God for this building that He provided just the night before so we wouldn't have to meet outside in the rain.

Elliott on TBN eating a Good News Mdantsane bus flyer :)

Good News Mdantsane is having such extreme favor that the staff was able to share 90 minutes on TBN all about Drs. Rodney and Adonica Howard-Browne and what happened during the early hours of Christmas morning in 2002: 100 million souls and how a tenth is to come from South Africa.

One of the many adverts.  This one is advertising Saturday's Volunteer Meeting and the upcoming crusade.

Some newspaper articles and ads.

GNMD volunteer is very proud of his work.

Michael and volunteers putting up GNMD posters / Michael is also know as Umlungu Wamagwinywa

GNMD Team negotiating with the bus company for transportation and then we pray the prayer of salvation with the leader.

Sydney's wife, Joann, holding Elliott while Jennifer ministers.

 Jennifer prays for a lady at Downtown Christian Center

Altar call at a church in Mdantsane NU10


Pastor Les is excited about Good News Mdantsane

Good News Mdantsane Mass Choir practicing.

Pastors and Leaders attend a meeting titled "HOW TO DOUBLE YOUR CHURCH THROUGH GOOD NEWS MDANTSANE".

Good News Mdantsane training class had several free drawings. Some mothers won flowers and money for Mothers' Day.

Children are happy to receive GNMD Flyers. / Team is ready to hit the streets.

Busy street with billboard at the end of it.

Ace and Pastor Graham are in charge of the bus and taxi free transportation.

Map of Mdantsane

Welcome to our GNMD office / Volunteers ready to serve lunch to the hungry, hardworking staff of GNMD.

Can you balance everything you normally carry on your head?

Good News Mdantsane staff getting the new shipment of bus route handbills ready to mass distribute on the streets.

Good News Kids' Day - In preparation for Good News Mdantsane, we conducted Good News Kids' Day in which over 3,000 people attended.  We freely distributed toys and food to be a blessing to the community.  When the Altar Call was given, over 2,000 of the attendees responded to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

A banner welcoming the children and inviting them to Good News Mdantsane.

Eleven billboards are now advertising Good News Mdantsane.

Eric, Jennifer and baby Elliott securing advertising with local newspapers.

Eric praying with the man who heads up the eight secular radio stations that we will be on live every night.

Eric, Jennifer, & Elliott meeting and thanking the Good News Mdantsane staff.

Eric, Jennifer, and Sani conducting a volunteer training class at the stadium.

Jennifer praying the Salvation Prayer with all the workers in the restaurant.

This precious lady received Christ, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and joy in our hotel room/office.

Eric being interviewed live on TBN about Good News Mdantsane.

Jennifer prays the Prayer of Salvation with the staff of some of  the local newspapers that we are advertising in.

Dancing like David dances.

Sydney, the local crusade director, shares the Word of God in Mdantsane.

Praising the Lord African style.

Eric, Jennifer, and Elliott at the stadium where Good News Mdantsane will be held.

Some of the Choir members getting ready to practice.

This lady was filled with a joy unspeakable and full of glory.

It is winter in South Africa right now.

This wonderful couple are the Pastors of Jesus Christ Family Church in Mdantsane and are a great blessing to the crusade.

More to come...