I saw the flames of fire falling


Publish date: 06/15/2006

This happened on Easter during the evening service. Pastor Rodney was walking around praying for people who were lined up. When my turn came, he came up, touched my hand and said: "Fire of the Holy Spirit." My hands started to burn and I couldn't stand up on my feet any more. Someone helped me to lie down. My hands kept getting hotter, my body shivered as if it was cold. However, I was on fire, my bones began to vibrate and tremble. At first, I got scared, but at the same time, I felt peace; God's love and joy of the Holy Spirit. I felt like I was two places at once, the church and somewhere else. I somehow understood that the walls were trembling as my bones, even the pulpit trembled as if praising the Lord. I could hear the air conditioning, up to 10 - 15 sounds at the same time and all the sound around me praised the Lord. They were beautiful and pleasant. My hands kept burning, but my mind tried to figure out how to protect my flesh from this fire. I started to blow on my hands, but when I blew, the air came out not from my mouth, but from my stomach, and it didn't help. I couldn't feel my hands up to my elbows. I knew they were there; they felt light as I moved them around. My mind kept resisting and trying to make sense. I never felt this before, this was something new.

I started to feel the wind swirling around me; I thought it might be the air conditioning. Where was I, on the floor or on the sealing? I understood that this fire and wind was from Heaven and told my mind to shut up. My eyes were closed the whole time, but I could see my hands with flames of fire around them. They were about an inch long, different colors that I have never seen before and moved as if they were waves. These flames were going through me, they had no barriers. Seeing them made me realize that they are living, peaceful, loving, life giving, calming, soft and pleasant to look at.

Suddenly I saw a dead man; I understood that if I were to touch him he would come alive from the fire and the wind. I was still lying on the floor, but I felt as if I was in the air above ground. I started to speak in tongues and they started to come out of my stomach and fall to the ground. I was very happy to see everything. Then, suddenly, everything stopped.

I got off the floor and sat back in my seat. My body felt very light, I felt like I am flying. I looked at my hands to see if they were burned, they weren't. I still shook. As I went outside I could smell most wonderful perfume, but no one was around. I looked around and could see the bushes trembling, they were praising Him. I felt such strength, that if I were to kick a metal poll, it would break. As I got into the car, I was still shaking and felt the fire in my body. This feeling didn't leave for three days. During these three days I realized that I am carrying something very precious on the inside my belly, something you can't see with a natural eye. You can't explain this, your mind can't wrap around it. How do you explain this World, Creator, what is God's love? It's the cross of Jesus. What is joy? It’s that you are saved from everlasting hell and fire. I understood that our spirit man is forever you can't explain that with your mind. My Creator revealed all this to me; I used to read the Word upside down.

Millions can’t replace my experience, what I saw, felt and smelled or any worldly desires. Nothing can compare to eternity. God is eternity. He created you and me eternal. Our flesh belongs to the natural world; you can rent it, use it, but can't take it with you. Everything God created is for His glory. I will forever fight with myself to keep eternity and eternal joy. I never experienced anything like this before. I think even in eternity I will remember this. I wasn't there 2006 years ago, but God is showing it to me now. Some might think I had too much to drink or smoke, think what you want, I keep myself responsible.

The most important thing I understood is that God is looking for those who do not concur with flesh and blood, He is looking for those who can carry the fire of the Holy Spirit. When I saw the flames of fire falling to the ground, it was people and very soon they will come back up again and never return. I thought: "What is this fire? What should I do with it when it comes back? I now know what to do." I was born, not for hell, but for His eternal glory.

Alex P.