All of us are called to be witnesses for him

Publish date: 01/20/2017

Hi to all at the River. We go to St Luke's Anglican here in Pembroke, Ontario. Today the service was all about the Great Commission. Our pastor talked about the fact that the church was never meant to be a 'Holy Huddle' and that all of us are called to be witnesses for Him. Christina was invited up to give her testimony about how the ladies in the hair salon accepted Jesus when she used the Script. We took in copies of the Script and put them at the back so people could grab them and use them. Before the pastor could start the sermon again, people in the congregation were asking for copies of the Script so that they could share the Gospel with confidence. Before we got through to shake the pastor's hand, they were gone! People in our church are so excited to have such a simple way to share the Gospel. No one had anything negative to say about the Script, only that there weren't more to pass out. ;-) We are looking forward to good things happening here. We have mentioned to our pastor about the S3 station opportunity, and he is looking into it this week. Doors are opening and people are getting mobilized here in Pembroke. I would encourage everyone to share their testimonies of leading people to the Lord. It creates hope, excitement, and is rekindling the sense of purpose that the Church needs. Thank you for leading from the front.

Bless you guys,
Matthew & Christina Q.