Children are Leading Their Parents to The Lord!


Publish date: 05/23/2007

We decided to join in with you during the Great Awakening here in Puerto Rico. I work at a small Christian school as a teacher's aid. I was surprised to find out that a great deal of the kids there not only weren't born-again, but to my knowledge have never been offered the opportunity.
The first week I led an 11 year-old girl to the Lord. She turned around and led four other kids to the Lord. One of those girls, led 6 people to the Lord including her Mom and brother! Another 11 year-old girl led her ENTIRE family to the Lord, including grandparents and aunts! An 11 year-old boy called his dad (his parents are divorced) and led him to the Lord.

The story continues with these kids going through their neighborhoods, families, etc, and doing what most adults here haven't been doing. This is not the parents leading the kids, this is the kids leading the parents!  My nephew led two boys to the Lord. Those two boys have led 11 of their friends to the Lord! (what's with all the 11s??)
All of the kids have been so excited and so we gave them a name: Xtreme Players! It is obvious that this is God's open door to the youth. There was no striving, no trying to figure out what to do, it was just having a heart for the lost and now we can see more clearly. As you probably remember, there are a lot of problems here in Puerto Rico that many consider to be "cultural". If we can raise a generation of ON FIRE, SOUL-WINNING, youth, we can change the culture of this island for the glory of God!
Our total in two weeks currently is 49 people. 

Len and Gretchen R.
Puerto Rico