GAT Rowlett, TX Soul-Winning Testimonies


Publish date: 07/17/2007

Rowlett, TX Soul-Winning Testimonies

7/16/07 | Tom L. in Rowlett, TX
This was my first time to go out witnessing and soul-winning. It was a growing experience for me. I set my goal for 20 souls and I got 13. I had to leave before my team went to the next location, otherwise I would have gotten my goal. I could see on people's faces and in their eyes that they were thankful that I prayed with them. I will continue to use the script even after the Great Awakening Tour has moved on. It has established soul-winning as a part of my Christian walk.

7/16/07 | Chandra P. in Rowlett, TX
The receptiveness of the Gospel was awesome. I spoke with 22 people and 15 gave their hearts to Jesus.

7/16/07 | Kyra C. in Rowlett, TX
A man said God would never forgive him. I got him to say one word and he said the whole prayer and said that a burden had been lifted.

7/16/07 | Autumn C. in Rowlett, TX
Angie and I were sitting trying to figure out whom we should talk to. We saw a man selling hot dogs and decided it was he. After he recommitted his life, he told us that he was sitting there trying to figure out what he was going to do with his life and he said that everything happens for a reason and that us coming up to him was a sign.

7/17/07 | Robin W. in Rowlett, TX
This was my first time out; I had 33 people accept Christ as their Savior! Praise God!

7/17/07 | Sandra Cress in Rowlett, TX
One man I spoke with was very adamant about believing no one can be sure of salvation. He graciously allowed me to speak to him. As each scripture was read, I could feel a chain break. By the time he began to confess, I'm saved, delivered, etc. He was totally convinced he had been wrong.  He was assured that "Yes," even he could be certain for a fact that he was set free. Praise God!

7/17/07 | Christopher M. in Rowlett, TX
I was able to get on the dart bus system and I was able to pray for 2 buses I gave an altar call and 15-20 people said the prayer.

7/17/07 | Angie A in Rowlett, TX
I set a goal of 20; God used me to lead 22. I feel so blessed that I got to go. The harvest field was ready to be picked. Watching people give their lives to Christ is rewarding. Tearful for them and me. God is good!

7/17/07 | Sharon C. in Rowlett, TX
Went out with Lamont and a team. We spoke with Carla and she used to be out witnessing 6 yrs ago but she went thru a divorce and was no longer serving God. The minute Lamont started talking to her; she had tears in her eyes. She prayed the prayer with us but you could tell she was still feeling condemnation - so Lamont continued to talk with her and pray for her. It was so moving to see her re-committing her life to God. (I started crying too!)

7/17/07 | Chandra P. in Rowlett, TX
In the last two days I have led more people to the Lord than in my whole life (36 people).

7/17/07 | Donna S. in Rowlett, TX
I went to David's room, his mother Margaret, told me that he had severe brain damage from an accident. His eyes were closed and his mother was feeding him. As I prayed with his mother to receive Jesus, he began to have tears running down his face and I prayed for him also.

7/17/07 | LuAnn E. in Rowlett, TX
I went to the nursing home on Monday and I talked to 9 people but only 2 accepted Jesus. I woke up about 1:30 am having a war between my flesh and my spirit about coming back Tuesday morning. I was hearing the enemy condemn me, but I believed God was giving me a passion for souls. My 7-year-old daughter came in around 2 am and said, "Mom, no matter what, it is about worship." After that I just decided I was coming back. Tuesday morning we went to another nursing home and every person I talked to accepted Jesus in their hearts. 13 people altogether.  My daughter spent the afternoon singing, "Nothing is impossible with God."

7/18/07 | Barb. B. in Rowlett, TX
I have been saved for 8 years and this is the most people I have prayed with. The whole experience changed my life and my heart.

7/18/07 | Theresa W. in Rowlett, TX
When praying for a lady she shared she had M.S. - I shared that I was healed before and that God could heal her and I prayed with her. She yelled out that she had not been able to lift her arms in 2 weeks and both of them were raised.

There was a woman they said could not speak but when I was praying for the other one, she was making all kinds of noise. I took a step of faith and prayed with her and when I was done she yelled out "God".

7/18/07 | Judy and Eddie M. in Rowlett, TX
We took our vacation to do this and never have led anyone to the Lord. We went to some apartments yesterday with Lamont and we saw saved 37, but today went to the nursing homes and the most awesome feeling was when the workers begged us to pray the salvation prayer with them.

7/18/07 | Teresa H. in Rowlett, TX
Today I went to the nursing homes in Carrollton. There was a man in the lunchroom that every time I tried to talk to him about Jesus would stick out his hand and say, "No, I don't want to accept him." I kept coming back and eventually he received Christ with big tears in his eyes - he kept saying, "Thank you, thank you." I'll never forget Calvin in his bright orange shirt.

7/18/07 | Brenda K. in Rowlett, TX
I spoke with 14 people today. I led 8 people to the Lord. One Mormon man received the Lord. He became overwhelmed during the prayer. 1st he was crying and then he was overcome with laughter.

7/19/07 | Sarah H. in Rowlett, TX
Went to nursing home with Regis and Jody. Had awesome time. Led 26 people to the Lord. Highlight: Hispanic patient in her bed on IV. Nurse said not to speak to her because she is unresponsive and won't speak. I speak Spanish so I called by her name and she immediately responded. She really wanted prayer and said the prayer with me and was born again. It was such a privilege because she has been just dying with no one to talk to and now she knows where she is spending eternity.

7/19/07 | Brian Y. in Rowlett, TX
A visitor at the rest home was a son of one of the residents who had already rededicated their lives to Christ. Her son was already saved but I felt led to pray encouragement and God's fire on him. I looked up at him half way through the prayer and tears were streaming down his face.
Afterwards he said, "You have no idea how much I needed that," he was really happy.

7/19/07 | Claude J. in Rowlett, TX
Man received healing in his left ear.

7/19/07 | Jessica S. in Rowlett, TX
We went to a nursing home today. I went into one of the rooms and came up to this lady lying on her bed. I asked her if I could pray for her and she said that she was in a lot of pain so I prayed and laid my hands on her. Then I asked her to invite Jesus into her heart. As she asked Jesus into her heart she started crying. After the prayer, I asked her what she was feeling. She said that she now felt whole.

7/19/07 | Carol A. in Rowlett, TX
I prayed with a Jewish lady who said God she knew, but Jesus she did not and did not want to. I prayed a blessing over her and asked would you like to accept Jesus as your Savior? She said, "Well OK." We prayed the prayer.

7/20/07 | Mary S. in Rowlett, TX
I have been witnessing for 3 days but today was the day that affected me the most. Myself & 2 other young ladies witnessed in a park to 6 people at a picnic table that had had been drinking. I began reading the script to them and at first they seemed hesitant. I think that they felt that they needed to straighten things up first.  All 6 repeated the prayer of salvation after me. One man looked up at me and said, "Jesus will accept us as we are?" I said, "Yes." Then he said, "You mean if I were to cross the street and die that I would go to heaven?" We again said, "Yes." Then he said, "If I didn't say the prayer and I crossed the street and died, I wouldn't have gone to heaven?" Again we said, "Yes." This man received a revelation. And I did too. I thought that they probably needed more information along with getting saved. But I finally realized that more than anything, these people needed to know that Jesus wanted them, just like they were, beer cans and all. They needed to know that they were "whosoevers." I realized that we what we were giving them was powerful enough to change them. It was awesome! Thank you and God bless!

7/20/07 | Pamela C. in Rowlett, TX
After the Carrollton meetings, I felt like the Lord wanted me to witness on a bus. Today came and I was very apprehensive. Jake took the time to get us started and things began to flow. My fear of doing a bus was conquered. Before the buses, I had only led 4 to Christ. As I started on the buses I was leading 7 or more at a time. Thanks Jake. Blessings to you all.

7/21/07 | Sandi C. in Rowlett, TX
Tracy was sitting and crying waiting for her tram. She said that her and her father talk about Jesus all the time. But she felt like she had done too many things for God to forgive her. That was exactly the reason why she was crying when I came up. I was able to lead her back to the Lord and reassure her that she was indeed forgiven.

7/21/07 | Nancy R. in Rowlett, TX
As the prayer team was leaving the apartments we had stopped to pray with one man and another young man ran up to us and said, "Pray with me." The power of God had moved so heavily as it caused that young man to chase us down to ask for prayer. He got saved!

7/21/07 | Randolph C. in Rowlett, TX
We were at the mall in Mesquite, TX. I stopped this Spanish couple and I asked them if they died if they knew for sure they would go to heaven. They hesitated so I explained their need to know Jesus. As I was leaving I asked if they would like to give me their name and I would pray for them. They began to cry. They proceeded to tell me they were in the store to buy clothes; they were attending their son's funeral. They were burying him the next day. I felt and they too believed God put me in their path to remind them of his love and the hope that they would see their son again.

7/21/07 | Shirly S. in Rowlett, TX
This was my first time to go out witnessing. What an awesome experience. I had the privilege of praying the prayer of salvation for some, recommitment for theirs and deliverance for others. I can't wait to go back out.