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You two are truly a blessing


Publish date: 03/12/2007

Dear Pastor's Adonica and Rodney,

Just thought I would write this note and let you know how thankful I am that you obey God and do what he tells you to. I have been going to your church for about 3 years now and have been a member for 1 year. I thank God for you everyday and pray God's blessings for you.

You had people up who were having financial problems not too long ago and I remember as you came and prayed for people you would ask has He done it before? And of course the answers you received were yes. You then said and He will do it again. I remember that whenever the devil attacks me in this area of my life I repeat your words out loud. He did it before and He will do it again and again and again. This has really helped me to encourage myself. I know God has done great things for me in the past but sometimes we let the devil put thoughts in our mind that we are not worthy enough for God to do it again.

Your teachings are inspirational and I am so glad that God uses you to educate people about God and what we need to do for God's blessings. Just a week ago I found out how awesome the truths you teach
are. I got all the CD's from your series on the Weapon's of Warfare. I am able to listen to my CD player at work and listen to them over and over again so that I can get them in my heart and Spirit and apply them to my life. Since I have had them I listened to them daily. Well in one of the messages you said
if you will apply these truths I guarantee they will work. You were absolutely correct. Since I have been applying these weapons in my walk with God I have received a New 2007 Toyota Camry completely paid for. I have been able to get my house remodeled which was badly needed and even got two new appliances. I had prayed to the Lord for a new car and had asked for the Toyota Camry specifically. I would have been happy with any new car or even a good used car but God always gives us His best and I got the car I had asked for. I live in a Mobile home and had bad spots in the floor.

I prayed and told the Lord - he knew my needs and as always He came through for me and gave me an even better blessing than what I asked for. The floor is getting fixed, I will have tile on my floor which I
am thrilled about as my daughter has allergies and the carpets were making her sick. I am so grateful that the Lord is faithful to us. He has done many things for me in the past as well and I am still in awe over my latest blessings. Every time I get into my car I have to praise the Lord and tell him how awesome He truly is.

I would like to thank you for a CD that was recently sent to me by your ministry - the Australian revival. It is awesome. I want to jump up and down and run around the floor where I work but I have to contain myself. Thank you for all you do for your people. You two are truly a blessing. I don't know what I would do without The River. I have so many more blessings. I could share more amazing things God has done for me, but I would have to write a 10 page letter.

All my prayers will be with you as you take this Country for God. I wish nothing but the best for You and Your family.

God Bless,
Virginia & Charlie Ann H.