We are praying for revival and believe it is coming!!


Publish date: 08/27/2007

Dear Dr.  Rodney Howard Browne,

Thank you for your faithful service to the Lord and for allowing the Holy Spirit to flow through your meetings unhindered. During the Friday night service in Ocala, you spoke out about pastors who were afraid to launch out and let the Holy Spirit flow in their church services. The exact words you used to describe the intimidation these pastors were facing was what was being said to me by other leaders. "Three songs, a quick message, let the service end in one hour. "

I had recently been asked to take over a small church in Salt Springs at a resort. What you described was the type of service the people were used to. I was beginning to think I had better submit to this directive until I heard you say those exact words and then declare, "It's dead, a dead church. Let it die." I knew God was convicting me for considering letting others dictate what He did at church.

After repenting that Sunday I declared to the entire church that the church was given to me and I had given it to Jesus. I explained that He was welcome to move whatever way He wants. I taught on what happened when Jesus went to church and showed them that it got pretty messy and very loud. The church response was enthusiastic and the Holy Spirit began moving immediately through words of knowledge. Since then there has been a steady growth and a deep hunger for His presence. We are praying for revival and believe it is coming!!

Again, thank you for your strong stand and bold words. They set me free. You are in my prayers.  I watch your service on TV faithfully and am touched each and every time.


Donna R.
Salt Springs, Florida