Great Awakening Tour St. Louis, Missouri Testimonies


Publish date: 08/16/2007

I prayed with a young man named Zac. He had been praying all day for someone to tell him about Jesus. Another man told me if he were to die right now that he'd go to hell. We read the script together, he understood it was a gift and he prayed with me and accepted Christ.  13 souls Monday, 5 souls Wednesday, 16 souls Thursday.
-Chris F. 

26 People received the Lord  Jesus.  (a family of 11) I read script they all received, including 4 teens.        -Wilberline  V.                                                  

17  people led to the Lord!   One man was standing outside, drinking a beer, and after I prayed with him, he was crying. Another lady was brought to the door by her husband (he had answered the door), and she received Jesus, and wept. Many more times, I felt the presence of God ---too many to list.                            -Jeremiah   B.

I originally wanted to go to a nursing home. But they all got filled up and when I found out we were going to East St. Louis, I was kinda freaked out, but God protected all of us and saved over 60 people in the projects it was one of the coolest experiences ever.                                                                                     -Matt F.                                                 

Several people got saved - I was amazed at how bold I was. I wondered why I haven't been doing this all along.
-Theresa  M.