I have had a breathing problem almost 40 years


Publish date: 10/01/1998

I came to the healing and miracle nights on September 27, 1998. I have had a breathing problem almost 40 years. I went to numerous doctors for treatment. I tried every medicine to find a cure. I was addicted to nasal spray all my life. Mostly at nighttime I couldn't sleep, because I have breathing difficulties.

That night I was praying and asking God to help me. I believed from my heart, a miracle was going to happen that night. I lifted my hand high and started praying, then I heard Pastor Rodney calling people for asthma or breathing problem. That time I told the Lord it's time, it's time - there is a healing in this house.

Suddenly, it felt like a big oxygen tank blew inside my lungs. Than all my sinus opened and I started to take a deep breath. It's never happen before in my life.

It's awesome! It's wonderful! Praise the Lord for His signs and wonders, miracles and healings.

God bless you brother Rodney and RMI.

Hamdi E.
Tampa, FL