I thank God for setting me free


Publish date: 09/27/1998

When I was at the healing night service on Sunday, September 27, 1998 something had happened that I thought could never happen. I had what you would call "woman problems," for over 5 years. There were times I would have so much pain that I would pass out and faint. If I was at school or work or anywhere else, I would go home no matter where I was. My stomachache would be so painful that every time I went home I would cry sometimes for an hour or two to make myself go to sleep. No pills helped. I had many thoughts in my mind like rejections from God and suicide was my biggest thought that every 1st day. I would start to plan out how I would commit my suicide. I told myself well tomorrow it will be over with.

One week before the 1st day, I would have thoughts on suicide 24/7, how, where, when, I would do it to get away from the pain. But something happened that healing night. When Pastor Rodney had said he will pray for different kinds of sickness, I had a thought in my mind saying, "Oh, yea right, it isn't going to be your sickness." But I think the first sickness Pastor Rodney prayed for was the "woman problems".  I felt like someone just poured out a bucket of warm water on me and my stomach was burning hot. I had a picture in my mind of a plumber that was breaking down pipes in my stomach.

Pastor Rodney called up all those who were being touched. When he put his hand on my head, I felt like the plumber had broken the last big, old, long pipe off of the inside of me. While I was on the floor I felt like Jesus just wrapped me up in hot blankets of love from above.

I thank God for setting me free. No more first days, no more thoughts of rejection or suicide. I'm free.

Dina P.
Tampa, FL