There was no pain!


Publish date: 04/29/2006

Four weeks ago I attended a Rodney Howard-Browne meeting at Bayside Church. I was one of the last people to get a pass to attend meetings as I was unsure of Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne and his teachings, but was encouraged to go by one of the pastors. I went with an open mind and God gave overall blessing in every area of my life.

A week before the meeting I had gone to the church but on the doorstep told my family I can't come in because of the pain. I then went home and had a dose of a morphine-based medication which only trimmed the edges of my pain, and had to lay down to rest my body.

For the past year I had suffered excruciating pain following an injury at my workplace causing Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (chronic regional pain syndrome). This affected the sympathetic nerves on the right side of my body with the pain traveling along the nerves. I had also been told by a urologist that the neurological injury could permanently impair my bladder function even though this is not a feature of RSD. I was in constant pain 24 hours a day with the feeling of hot lead being poured on my skin. My right hand and foot would feel frozen cold but when they warmed up there would be excessive sweating. There was blue discolouration on my right hand, lower back and right thigh. My skin was so sensitive that anything touching it would be unbearable.

Literally I was a slave to pain - it controlled my life. Only the extreme edge of pain was relieved by morphine and I was hospitalised on numerous occasions to have medical procedures in an effort to help block the pain. Unfortunately this would last just a few days and then the pain would creep back. My frustration would increase with disappointments, thus opening the window for severe depression needing professional help. My treating doctor introduced me to Lord Jesus, offering to pray for healing in her consulting suite.

Although my religion was Hinduism, two weeks later I gave my life to Lord Jesus. At that time I had only one prayer and that wasn't for healing. I prayed, "Lord if it is your will you will save my entire family, my wife Nisha and the children." My beautiful wife Nisha was a Moslem and had a reservation to receive Jesus. One Saturday afternoon she abruptly but kindly told two pastors with respect, "I'm not ready for Jesus, don't pressure me, but I appreciate you praying for my husband." Next day, Sunday, she came to the church with me. That morning she stood up, held my hand and walked to the altar to give her life to Lord Jesus. Her words .... "I was drawn by the power of God."

On the Sunday morning at the Rodney Howard-Browne meeting, as I was sitting in the meeting, manifestations started happening in my body, I fell on the floor, but felt that I had been electrocuted and couldn't lift myself up from the floor.

When I got up I didn't realize what was happening. I walked from end of the church to the other in a daze and then realized that there was no pain. Later Ps Rodney asked me what had happened and I was able to tell him of my medical condition and how the pain had gone. I have since found that there is no bladder impairment.

I am still experiencing a very strong presence of the Holy Spirit and I believe that it has been poured out on me so that I can pour it out on other people in healing and preaching. This has changed my life, my wife and children, and our home.

Saroj K.