The move of God


Publish date: 04/28/2006

The Lord saved me from a life of drugs, alcohol, abuse, and anger at the age of 19, when I decided  to give my life to Him. Being from Montana, there were literally no Spirit-filled churches for me to go to be fed both the Word, as well as experience the power, plus the presence of God, that had changed my life.

My Grandparents recommended that I tune into for the live broadcasts that aired each week. For an entire summer I never missed a service. At the end of that summer the Lord spoke to me during a web-cast to re-locate to Tampa, Florida. I sold all that I had, took the money, and moved to Tampa, believing God. That was almost 2 years ago now and I am 6 weeks away from graduating from my 2nd year of bible school and I am more on fire for God than I ever have been.

Thank you so much for making this move of God available to the world through

Joel. C

Tampa, FL