Haiti Day 1

Good News Crusades

Publish date: 02/13/2010

The Team has safely arrived in Haiti after two days of travel. The team landed in the Dominican Republic on Thursday night and crossed into Haiti late Friday night. Saturday the team began installation of the RBN satellite and prepared for the open air crusade which starts tonight! We will be preaching the Main Event at Pastor Ternival's church this morning.


Haiti13.2.10_1.JPG (Medium)Haiti13.2.10_2.JPG (Medium)

Arriving in the DR and loading our supplies and equipment.

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The Haitian Border Crossing (left) Unloading equipment to bring to Pastor Ternival (right)

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The ride into Haiti (left). Praying with the famliy as the team arrived late Saturday night (right)

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Pastor Nicole (left). Assembling the RBN satellite for installation (right)

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The country of Haiti was in the middle of three days of prayer and fasting when we arrived. Pastor Ternival addressing their church (right)

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Pastor Ternival and his daugher Elizabeth leading worship

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Our Team greeting the people

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The courtyard arround the church was packed with hundreds of people seeking the Lord during the fast.

Haiti13.2.10_20.JPG (Large)

The view from the top of the church's school house

Haiti13.2.10_21.JPG (Medium)Haiti13.2.10_22.JPG (Medium)

The platform under construction for the crusade (left). A child from the orphanage (right)

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Haiti13.2.10_25.JPG (Large)

More children from the orphanage

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Some of the team with the children (left). the children praying (right).

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The team's guide into Haiti, Rick, with the orphanage parents (left). Some of the damage from the earthquake near the orphanage (right).