Haiti Day 2

Good News Crusades

Publish date: 02/15/2010

The team in Haiti preached in Pastor Marcel's Church on Sunday morning and held the first night of the Open Air Crusade. Soul winning classes begin Monday morning with the Crusade continuing for twelve nights.

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Haiti14.2.10am_1.JPG (Medium)Haiti14.2.10am_2.JPG (Medium)

People crowding in under tents outside the church. (left) Pastor Marcel Ternival (right)

Haiti14.2.10am_3.JPG (Medium)Haiti14.2.10am_4.JPG (Medium)

This man was a Witch Doctor Priest who was saved durning the Country's fasting and prayer. (left) His whole family came forward to get saved. (right)

Haiti14.2.10am_6.JPG (Large)Haiti14.2.10am_7.JPG (Large)Haiti14.2.10am_8.JPG (Medium)Haiti14.2.10am_9.JPG (Medium)Haiti14.2.10am_10.JPG (Large)Haiti14.2.10am_11.JPG (Medium)Haiti14.2.10am_12.JPG (Medium)Haiti14.2.10am_14.JPG (Large)Haiti14.2.10am_15.JPG (Medium)Haiti14.2.10am_17.JPG (Medium)Haiti14.2.10am_16.JPG (Large)

The team got the satellite working at Pastor Marcel's Church.

Night Crusade

Haiti14.2.10pm_1.JPG (Large)Haiti14.2.10pm_2.JPG (Large)Haiti14.2.10pm_3.JPG (Medium)Haiti14.2.10pm_4.JPG (Medium)Haiti14.2.10pm_5.JPG (Large)Haiti14.2.10pm_7.JPG (Large)Haiti14.2.10pm_8.JPG (Medium)Haiti14.2.10pm_6.JPG (Medium)Haiti14.2.10pm_9.JPG (Large)Haiti14.2.10pm_10.JPG (Large)


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