Haiti Day 5

Good News Crusades

Publish date: 02/18/2010

Things are beginning to shift in the country of Haiti. The team hit the streets with the Gospel Wednesday and saw 1,187 people make decisions for Christ. We are seeing more hunger every night at the Crusade, with healings and miracles

Invest Now in the Gospel - Please mark your gift as Haiti, Thank You.

Haiti17.2.10am_1.JPG (Large)

Step One: Soulwinning Trainer gets drunk

Haiti17.2.10am_2.JPG (Large)

Step Two: Interpreter falls out under the power of God

Haiti17.2.10am_4.JPG (Large)

Haiti17.2.10am_5.JPG (Large)

Step Three: Get everyone in the Soulwinning Class baptized in the Holy Ghost

Haiti17.2.10am_7.JPG (Medium)Haiti17.2.10am_6.JPG (Medium)

Step Four: Continue with Soulwinning Trainning Class, This completes the Soulwinning Training.

Haiti17.2.10am_8.JPG (Medium)Haiti17.2.10am_9.JPG (Medium)Haiti17.2.10am_10.JPG (Medium)Haiti17.2.10am_11.JPG (Medium)

Night Crusade

Haiti17.2.10pm_3.JPG (Large)Haiti17.2.10pm_2.JPG (Large)Haiti17.2.10pm_4.JPG (Medium)Haiti17.2.10pm_1.JPG (Medium)Haiti17.2.10pm_6.JPG (Medium)Haiti17.2.10pm_8.JPG (Medium)Haiti17.2.10pm_5.JPG (Large)Haiti17.2.10pm_7.JPG (Large)Haiti17.2.10pm_9.JPG (Large)Haiti17.2.10pm_11.JPG (Large)Haiti17.2.10pm_10.JPG (Medium)Haiti17.2.10pm_12.JPG (Medium)Haiti17.2.10pm_13.JPG (Large)Haiti17.2.10pm_14.JPG (Large)


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