Haiti Day 4

Good News Crusades

Publish date: 02/17/2010

The team held the second soul winning class yesterday. We had 110 harvesters show up and have seen over 1,700 decisions for Christ in two days. The Open Air Crusade had a great turn out and we are seeing signs, wonders and miracles!

Invest in the Gospel - Please mark you gift as Haiti, Thank You!

Haiti16.2.10am_2.JPG (Medium)Haiti16.2.10am_3.JPG (Medium)Haiti16.2.10am_4.JPG (Large)Haiti16.2.10am_5.JPG (Medium)Haiti16.2.10am_6.JPG (Medium)Haiti16.2.10am_7.JPG (Large)Haiti16.2.10am_9.JPG (Large)Haiti16.2.10am_8.JPG (Medium)Haiti16.2.10am_10.JPG (Medium)

Pastor Marcel not only got a satellite dish but was blessed with a radio station this week, here the tower installation is being finshed up.

Night Crusade

Haiti16.2.10pm_2.JPG (Medium)Haiti16.2.10pm_3.JPG (Medium)Haiti16.2.10pm_4.JPG (Medium)Haiti16.2.10pm_5.JPG (Medium)Haiti16.2.10pm_7.JPG (Large)Haiti16.2.10pm_8.JPG (Medium)Haiti16.2.10pm_6.JPG (Medium)Haiti16.2.10pm_9.JPG (Large)Haiti16.2.10pm_11.JPG (Large)Haiti16.2.10pm_10.JPG (Medium)Haiti16.2.10pm_13.JPG (Medium)Haiti16.2.10pm_12.JPG (Large)


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