When I stood up I had full mobility in my neck again!


Publish date: 01/02/2006

Dear Pastor,

I saw you on Richard Roberts as a guest a few months ago while living in West Palm Beach, FL.  The Lord spoke to me to move to Tampa about a month ago.  Last week after the Lord told me to visit your church, He put it on my heart to attend RBI; in one week I filled out the application and attended orientation.

I am a single mom and was in a car accident about a year and a half ago.  After a major spinal fusion and motnhs of epidural injections, I trusted the Lord but qufestioned how He could be calling me into the minstry since I still needed pain killers everyday just to function.

During RBI Revial week, I was just about to leave the service, when you stopped in the middle of worship and called all new RBI students to the front.  I am new to the release of the Spirit, so it took me by surprise when you touched my head and I fell slain in the Spirit.  After that amazing experience, I was about the leave when you came and touched me again and I fell and laid on the floor thanking the Lord for my healing I received after you said, "Healing in the neck and back in the name of Jesus".

When I stood up I had full mobility in my neck again!

Rachel R. (RBI student)

Tampa, FL