...our tithe check literally doubled the amount...


Publish date: 01/09/2006

Last summer during Summer Campmeeting, after the ushers took up the offering, Pastor Rodney had one of the Pastors get up and testify, "Although the offering has already been taken up, it still doesn't mean that you can't give."  Then he had Pastor Dale stand up, and Pastor Dale said, "The buckets have already been passed, but someone still needs to give!"  The Lord put an amount in my heart that very second, and I told my wife, "Danielle, write the check, now, now!"  I grabbed the check out of her hand and threw it in the offering.  That was the biggest amount that I had ever given in my entire life!

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I were sitting down, writing out our tithe check, and our tithe check literally doubled the amount that we gave during that Campmeeting.  I mean, I am a bible college student, and it does not matter in what state you  find yourself.  If you listen to what the Lord tells you to do—BOOM, you see it coming in, and don't realize it's coming in, and all of a sudden it'll just smack you!


Tampa, FL