Good News Vizag Crusade Update & Pictures

Good News Crusades

Publish date: 01/08/2006

Dear Friends and Partners

Adonica & I and the crusade team left Tampa at 4.00 pm on Thursday Evening, we arrived in Delhi India at about 9.30 pm on Friday evening. Arriving at the Hotel around midnight we managed to get a few hours sleep. We were up again early in order to make a flight through Hyderabad and then onto Visakhapatnam on the east coast of India. The flight in Dehli was delayed so much that we could not make the connection in Hyderabad only to find out that the only way to get to Vizag for Sunday services was to take two vans - one for the luggage and one for us - there was no charter flights. We left Hyderabad at 4.15 pm Saturday and started what must have been the most amazing ride of our lives. This was to ride the 640 KM drive in exactly 12 hours dodging goats, cows, people, trucks coming straight at you and busses and only the Lord knows what else - with our driver falling asleep many times and me having to keep him awake it was a trip to behold. About 100 crusade workers who had waited for us all night stopped us on the road at about 35 KM out side of Vizag and they threw rose and flower petals and lit fireworks in the street stopping all the traffic and welcoming us to Vizag. We arrived at the Hotel at 4.15 am - I have not slept and am about to leave for the Sunday morning service and a full nationwide press conference tonight in Vizag.

Anyway Bye for now - pictures and video to follow later - don't forget to pray for us and hold up our hands we need your prayers and continued financial support.

Love you all
Pastor Rodney & Adonica