Good News Vizag - January 10-15, 2006

Good News Crusades

Publish date: 01/05/2006

The field for the crusade.

This month, we go to Vishakapatnam, India, for a huge crusade – Good News Vizag. This is the first time we will be going to India. The miracle of this crusade is that it is being paid for by the ministry who is hosting us in India. All we are paying for are our expenses: airfare, hotel, food, etc., which are still substantial. We invite you to join with us and sow a generous seed into India this month.

We are expecting great things! There is also a great expectation in India that they will see a powerful move of God. Hundreds of Indian pastors and Christians in Vishakapatnam are praying and interceding for the crusade right now. The evangelist who is organizing the crusade tells us that he has never seen so much favor on a crusade even though he has held 51 crusades of his own.

One of the Huge Billboards.