My Miracle


Publish date: 03/19/2006

Last July, the last service, you walked over to me at the keyboard and spoke healing to and over me and then asked me to sing heeling's. What you did not know was at that time I was on heavy doses of morphine for pain control. I literally do not remember March through July (until you came). When you "spoke the word" over me, at least two things happened. One, I went off morphine and have not touched it since. Second, I have lost 70 pounds. For some this would be wonderful, for me it is miraculous. I was placed on hormone therapy in my early twenties: something went wrong and in the first two months alone, I gained almost thirty pounds. I tried Phen-Phen when it was still on the market, gave myself shots, did the Adkins diet, etc. Never lost weight but steadily continued to gain. Toward the middle of August, I was amazed at how much better I felt. I had been encouraged to consider bariatric surgery to lose weight and so I set an appointment for mid-September to see the nurse for my first consult. When she weighed me, I had lost 28 pounds. I told her it was a weigh me again....! Had lost 28 pounds. Without surgery! Sunday, February 12th, I hit the 70 pound marker for weight loss. It has been the easiest thing I have ever done. I have not known one day of hunger or craving. Last week I walked instead of using the wheelchair to Chapel and back. Have not done that for over a year! I am getting stronger each day!

Thank you for ministering to me and thank you for the privilege you granted me of allowing me to flow with you in the Spirit last night. I live for being in His glory, flowing in all the rivers, streams and realms in which you and a few others travel. Who would ever dream that the same young boy who loved to hear Vicki and I do "He's More Than enough" in South Africa, would be used to bring a miracle to me. Blessings to you and Adonica and again, thank you!

Sharon S.