What the Lord is doing Now.


Publish date: 04/18/2006

I have just recently begun to watch the taped ORU Chapel serviced on
channel 53 out of Tulsa. I worked for Oral Roberts Association back in
the early seventies and had attended a few chapel services back then.
I also received the baptism of the Holy Spirit shortly before going to
work there and also dated a ORU student. Anyway, the chapel service I just

watched was when Mr. Howard-Browne was ministering there. The Lord has

just very recently been doing a work in my life through a retreat I

attended about three weeks ago. He has restored the joy of my salvation

and broken the chains of oppression. Hallelujah! I had seen one of his

services before on TV but at the time was not able to really relate to

the joy people were experiencing. Not this time! I felt like I was there

with them. I was watching it late in the evening after the rest of my family

had gone to bed. I began feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit and

began laughing too there in my living room along with everyone else. I

have watched it several times and have the same experience every time.

It is so wonderful to truly experience the joy of the Lord and the freedom

that he brings to you when you are obedient and surrender to Him. Many

people at church have told me that they can see a change in me and that

my countenance is different. I want everyone to know and experience what I

have. True freedom and joy. There is none other that can break the

prison chains and set you free like Jesus. He is our only hope. He is

wonderful! I just wanted to let you all know how much I was blessed,

beyond words, what the Lord did through Mr. Howard-Browne at the


Praise be to God for his obedient and loving servants! God Bless you