My spiritual life was SUPERCHARGED literally!!


Publish date: 04/26/2006

Dear Bro Rodney,

Greetings from Wellington, NZ. This letter is just my testimony of the recent "Supercharged your Spirit Life" meeting which was held at the North Shore Events Centre, Auckland - 25th to 28th April 2006.

It was my first time to attend such a "supercharged' meeting and the result was that my spiritual life was SUPERCHARGED literally!!

On Thursday night while lying in bed (after the meeting), I felt something shaking in my belly and it did not stop! I knew it was the fire and the joy of the Lord, but I couldn't laugh out loud because my brother-in-law's family was sleeping and I did not want to disturb them!

I arrived back in Wellington on Saturday night. The fire of God was still on me so I laid hands on my husband to receive the Fire. Sunday came and I was so excited to go to church. After our praise and worship, our Pastor called 4 people to testify of the recent meeting. The first brother stood up and the fire of God was all over him. He couldn't utter a word! I then went up and the same thing happened - I was speechless! The fire of God was so strong on me I couldn't stand up straight! I was crying and laughing and everyone was laughing, too! Yes, it is contagious!!

I had another experience too in my living room after listening to your live CD worship. This worship CD is so anointed - especially that song, "Like the woman with the issue of blood". The fire of God came over me as I joined with you in worshiping Jesus. I was rolling on the floor and couldn't stand up. My tummy was literally shaking - took me about 30 minutes. I then started to pray - wow a boldness came over me and was lifting up my family, friends, our church pastors and members and different ministries out there in the world reaching out for the lost. It was so amazing!

I thank you Brother Rodney & Adonica for coming over to New Zealand. Your ministry has really impacted my life and I am a different person now. I am on fire for God now than ever before and I praise God for that.

Thank you again and I look forward to seeing you very soon in Wellington!


Jimaim R.
Wellington, New Zealand