I was completely healed after eight years of pain

Publish date: 03/18/2017

I had back pain since I was 14 years old, I am now 22. I had a lot of pain and could not do many things others my age could. My sleep was affected and my daily life were affected. I had a disc hernia, my vertebrae were messed up from repeated falls and I also had scoliosis as a teen. I was worshiping God in service, when Pastor Rodney Howard Browne picked me out, told me to stand and raise my hands. I fell to the floor, no one caught me, I landed very hard...but was COMPLETELY healed as soon as I hit the floor!!! By all means, in the natural, that landing should have landed me in the ER!!!  I took my time to report this healing because I wanted to be 100% sure, and now I am, PRAISE GOD!!! Thank you. 

Mary Elizabeth Harrison