The Holy Spirit nudged me to make sure my son was saved

Publish date: 03/18/2017

Today, was my FIRST time out witnessing...

My goal was 10. I didn’t have much time because I had to leave early for an appointment. When it was time for me to leave, I looked at my card and nine people had prayed the prayer of salvation, but as I drove away from the projects I knew there was another person I was supposed to talk to. As I rounded the corner to pick up my 12 year-old son from a week at Scout camp, the Holy Spirit nudged me to make sure my son was saved. When we returned home, I asked if he knew for certain he was going to heaven. I was expecting he’d answer correctly, after all, he’s recited the sinner’s prayer at my leading before, we go to church, and he’s in children’s choir. To my sorrow he replied, “No one can be sure they’re going to heaven, you never know if you’ve been good enough.”  Blinking back tears, I read the message and asked if he’d like to accept Jesus and be certain of his eternal destiny. He said, “Yes” and prayed the prayer of salvation. Thank you for teaching me this simple method to share Jesus with others. Thank you for a week of refreshing and encouragement. 

Peggy R. | Great Awakening Tour in Rowlett, Texas