Dix Hills, NY Soul-winning Testimonies


Publish date: 07/19/2007

These are just some of the many testimonies that came in from many of the soul-winners at the Great Awakening Tour in Dix Hills, New York. Awesome things are happening on the streets.

6/26/07 | Rhonda T. in Long Island, NY
Armando was in a wheelchair. Rhonda put her hands on his knees and prayed for healing. The man got up and started to walk fast! He said he wasn't able to walk in years! Hallelujah!

6/26/07 | Lisa H. in Long Island, NY
A 92 year old woman accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior. After I prayed for her, she thanked me and then started weeping. She said that her only daughter had died three years ago and she was all alone. I assured her that she was no longer alone as she had Jesus in her heart.

6/27/07 | Jake P. in Long Island, NY
Today, I met a Muslim at the train station and won him to the Lord using the gospel script. He said, "I feel good, I have never felt this before." Another man at the subway station said he felt "overwhelmed" when he got saved. I am so excited, because the fire of God is falling on the streets and subways of New York.

6/27/07 | Steve & Arlete C. (River Web Members) in Long Island, NY
Took off from work to join the outreach and got 4 teenagers saved.

6/27/07 | Bill B. in Long Island, NY
First time ever witnessing and a lady at the end was crying and received Christ.

6/27/07 | Pastor Bob R. in Long Island, NY
Ten divine appointments with people who prayed the sinner's prayer and received Christ is the reason why God led me and compelled me to come to Long Island. If you want to be blessed and energized by the Holy Spirit, take the gospel soul-winning script and go for the training session. Just read the script to people and watch God harvest through this simple step. Take souls and gather the people of Long Island to Jesus!

6/27/07 | Patricia A. in Long Island, NY
We went to a nursing home. I prayed with a woman named Margaret. She had amnesia so she didn't even know her name. But she could understand me and she smiled and nodded as I prayed with her and she cried and when I finished she said, "Amen" out loud!

Also, I was praying with a patient named Evelyn who thanked me. Then her nurse Marjorie asked if it was OK for me to pray with "regular people" who were not patients. I said of course and I led her in the salvation prayer. She was so grateful to know she could be guaranteed salvation! Praise the Lord!

6/27/07 | Jen R. in Long Island, NY
Ida received Jesus as her Lord and Savior and God took away the pain she had in her stomach.

6/28/07 | Maureen R. in Long Island, NY
A mother and and her teen daughter weren't sure if they were saved. When asked if they wanted to receive Christ they looked each other then the mother lightly slapped her daughter's knee and said loudly, "Lets pray it." Then they prayed and said they would attend the service tonight at Upper Room! They were very grateful afterwards.

6/28/07 | Anthony S. in Long Island, NY
65 saved at the mall!

6/28/07 | Carmel R. in Long Island, NY
15 saved at the nursing home yesterday; 12 saved at the mall today; 25 Spanish people saved - my 1st time witnessing!

6/28/07 | Zinna E. in Long Island, NY
11 saved in the mall - including a Hindu.

6/28/07 | Deb H. in Long Island, NY
After going out yesterday and being afraid of talking to anyone. I went out to the nursing home today and out of 15 people that I talked to, 11 came to the Lord. I can't wait to go out again tomorrow.  The very last lady I talked to I had to wake her up and she couldn't communicate, but she was weeping and indicated to me by blinking that she said the prayer in her heart. One other lady that was like all curled up into herself - I woke her up. She was sitting in a chair and when I started to pray for her she perked right up and the rest of the time that we were in the room praying with others she was just beaming - smiling big and her eyes were so bright.

6/28/07 | Rhonda in Long Island, NY
5 boys, 6 girls and a Hindu family saved.

6/28/07 | Jim and Diane F. in Long Island, NY
Elderly lady had a deaf ear opened. Pain was leaving ladies.

6/28/07 | DJ (14 yrs old) in Long Island, NY
6 saved in the nursing home.

6/28/07 | Isaac H. in Long Island, NY
I was talking to a man and he said he would go to heaven, because he was a recovering drug addict. I explained we're saved by having a relationship with God, not what we do. When I said the prayer, I was walking away and he said, "Thanks, now I'm complete!"

6/28/07 | Patrice T. in Long Island, NY
I wasn't able to go out with you guys, but I still witnessed. I went to my friend's house and her and her mother and two brothers said the prayer. The mother was crying and she said no one had ever come up to her and said anything like that.

6/28/07 | Crystal H. in Long Island, NY (from New Jersey)
A precious, elderly woman received the Lord with tears in her eyes and such joy upon hearing the word. The Lord gave us great blessings. Seven people prayed with us. Also, a man received Christ and we saw how his face changed after accepting Christ.

6/28/07 | Jake P. in Long Island, NY
Today, I read the gospel script to a Mormon and he got saved. Then he asked me for a copy of the gospel script because he said he liked what was in it. I told him to read it to everyone he knows and he said that he would. Today I led 5 Muslims, 3 Hindus, 1 Jew, 1 Mormon and 8 Jain (false religion) to the Lord.

6/29/07 | Bonnie J. in Long Island, NY
It's easy! Just do it! Visited a nursing home in Holbrook. People were receptive. This morning, six out of seven prayed.  After praying with several in particular, their faces were radiant afterwards.

6/29/07 | Carmel R. in Long Island, NY
I went to a patient's room. I asked if she wanted me to pray for her. She said that she is Catholic. She knows she is going to heaven and told me she wanted me to pray the Lord's Prayer. I did and she did it with me, then I told her about the sinner's prayer. She said that she had never heard of that. She asked me to lead her and we did and she received the Lord and was very happy.

6/29/07 | Ginny C. in Long Island, NY
Getting them to pray the prayer was very easy. Many were receptive and happy to pray with me.

6/29/07 | Teresa Y. in Long Island, NY
Witnessed at a nursing home. Two people prayed to receive Jesus.

6/29/07 | Richard R. in Long Island, NY
A man's best friend just passed away. He was mourning and confused about his future. He accepted the Lord as his Savior.

6/29/07 | Ulonda J. in Long Island, NY
I'm an evangelist and have been preaching in the pulpit for 12 years and not one person came up to accept Christ after my altar calls. Today, at the courthouse in Central Islip, I spoke to 19 people and twelve of them accepted Christ. Thank God for His fire and the soul-winning script.

6/29/07 | Kristen T. in Long Island, NY
1st time soul-winning, won 27 people to the Lord!

6/29/07 | Marvina J. in Long Island, NY
Prayed with a young man at a nursing home. At first, he didn't want to pray because his friends and family were religious and church goers. I explained that God sent us for him and we prayed.  After the prayer, his smile got bigger and he was relieved and glowing. All of heaven is rejoicing for him.

6/30/07 | Marcelo in Long Island, NY
Prayed over a man named Julio who started to weep uncontrollably. He received Christ and was so grateful. Julio is believing God to heal him and asked for the script because he wanted to tell others.