Great Awakening Tour Fort Worth, TX Soul-Winning Testimonies


Publish date: 07/24/2007

I just want everyone to know how blessed this God given script is. The first time I used it I read the script holding it in my hand. I never dreamed that even with my inexperienced delivery, the Lord would use me to lead someone to the Lord. The script is amazing. Glory to God for giving it to us. Praise the Lord! Everyone needs to get a copy and take it back to their churches.
Lee H. | TX

I was in a nursing home at two places I ran into two dementia patients. Both were not responsive to what I was saying. I prayed for them in tongues for a minute then said, “Say dear Lord Jesus," they both repeated after me and I said, “Come into my heart, Forgive me of my sins." And then they went back to their other world.
Kristi B. | TX

I’ve never witnessed before except for once 25 years ago. I led 3 people to Christ. It was so awesome. Nearly everyone I spoke with was glad to have me pray with and for them.
Cherry J. | TX

5 women were in pain all over their bodies. All the pain left them.
Janice P. | TX

I was about to read the script to a man when the nurse called me over and said that the man was deaf, but I used to be a sign language interpreter and am fluent in the sign language. I was able to sign the script for him and he signed the prayed after me and got born again.
Ashley K. | TX

Today was my first time to witness to people and I told 15 people about Jesus and only one said no.
Tray C. | TX

I used to think that street ministry was worse than getting teeth pulled. Today I found out that it’s not that hard, it’s quite easy. The time we spent was 11-3:30 and it only seemed like we had spent 15 minutes talking and praying with people. Thank you so much for this opportunity and teaching me how to do my job.
Amy D. | TX

Wednesday our team went to a rest home. In one of the beds there was a young man of about 30. He never spoke a word but it was clear he understood what I was saying.  I asked him if he knew about Jesus and he shook his head no. The Lord really impressed me to tell him he loved him. I asked him if he would let me pray for him to receive Jesus but he said no. I noticed on his arm there were skull tattoos. I was concerned for his soul.  I told him I would go down the hall to pray for others and check on him. When I returned he grabbed my arm and let me lead him to Jesus. Praise the Lord.
Connie P. | TX

I prayed with a man to receive Jesus. He was so deaf that I had to yell in his right ear. After I prayed with him I was led to pray and ask God to restore his hearing. I then looked at him and said, "Lester?" He said, "Yes?"  I said, "Can you hear me?" I was speaking in a normal voice. He said, "Yes!" I went back to his room about 10 minutes later and called him and he answered me.
Vicki C. | TX

We went to go pray for a woman at a nursing home and when I walked in her room, I was not expecting to see what I saw. She was lying in her bed moaning with feces all over her. I didn’t know what to do and tried to talk to her but because she was moaning so loudly. Despite how dirty she was, my mom held her hand and put face next to hers. All of a sudden she stopped struggling to speak and she let my mom pray with her and she received Jesus.
Lanette L. | TX

At the nursing home we were warned about sharing the gospel with the staff because we could get kicked out. We were told to use wisdom. We were walking down the hallway and a staff member stopped me and asked if we were volunteers. I said no that we came to pray for people. He dropped what he was doing and asked me to pray for him. He said he felt the anointing of God on me and I asked him if he knew if he was going to heaven, he said no and I led him to Christ and asked him to come to the great awakening.
Lanette L. | TX

We went to Rowlett and Fort Worth - in two weeks we led 152 people to the Lord.
Ray and Carol A. | TX

Today at Helen mall I saw a class of 6 yr-olds. I went up to one of the teachers and told her I was with the Great Awakening tour. She immediately knew that I was from Calvary so she went to talk to the head teacher. We led all 26 kids into the prayer. It was awesome.
Jessica C. | TX

My soul goal for today was 15. I asked God to let me lead at least 7 to Christ, and he gave me 14. As I talked to a certain lad she told me that she hoped that she was going to heaven but she wasn’t completely sure. So I prayed the salvation prayer with her and she started crying. She said that she felt completely different inside. She also said that she didn’t know anyone could feel the way that she did. She wanted to serve God the rest of her life and she couldn’t wait to get to heaven to see Jesus. It was the greatest thing I have ever experienced!
Melodie P. | TX

My goal was 5 this morning. I was scared and a little shaky about the whole thing but at the end of the day God gave me the boldness and courage to share the gospel. I brought 15 people to the Lord. The first person I brought to the Lord I really didn’t have to introduce myself. He wanted something so I introduced the Lord and salvation to him.
Isaac M. | TX

Asked a man do you know if you’ll go to heaven and he said that he had been planning to all his life. Shared Jesus and prayed with him and now he knows he going to heaven because Jesus is in his heart.
David G. | TX

I led a man in a McDonald’s to the Lord by reading the prayer in Spanish. After praying I prayed for work for him and I invited him for tonight. I bought him food and went to talk to another lady. Earlier today I went back to bring him to this meeting. I asked him how long he had been in Fort Worth and he said that he came today from Mexico. He speaks very little English.
Brenda G. | TX

I wasn’t able to go with the church today because I had a prior commitment. The Lord convinced me to go ahead and begin to reach out to my neighborhood. It was so easy and most of the people I spoke with received the Lord. I won 18 souls in 2 hours. The bus stop was a great place for witnessing.
Kathy B. | TX

I was in a retirement home today and I asked a worker if she’d like prayer and she said yes and as I began reading  the script, another worker stopped in on her own and joined in by 1st listening and then reading the script. It was the double for Jesus. Two newborn souls. They walked away happy with smiles on their faces.
Debbie W. | TX

At our first nursing home, the first room had a WWII veteran who the nurse said wouldn’t talk to anyone. I told him that I had served in Vietnam. His whole face changed. I asked him if he wanted to be sure that he was going to heaven if he died. He said yes and I led him in the sinner’s prayer. About 2 minutes later he came out in his wheelchair singing amazing grace. One of the nurses asked me what I had done to him. I told her I had led him to Jesus. She was speechless.
Pastor Dave H. | TX

My goal was 8 people, but Jesus blessed me with a bunch of people. It was so much fun. I got to help people out. All together I got 31 people. It is just so much fun to help and pray for the elderly.
Britney C. | TX

I prayed for two younger people in the nursing home and there was a young man sitting in the room watching TV and I asked if I could pray for him. He said that he was good and I said don’t you want to be great and he prayed the prayer of salvation and the Lord spoke to me that he was the one that I was ordained to see.

I walked into an older who gentleman who could barely speak. When I told him I had come to pray with him, tears started to come.  He spoke to me in moans, but I could tell he was in joy that someone had come to pray with him. I believe in my heart he was waiting for someone to come share the gospel with him. Since he couldn’t talk, I told him to squeeze my hand. He squeezed his way to salvation. He was so moved he wouldn’t let go of me. It was hard for me to go, too. After I did, I could still hear him weeping. His roommate squeezed his way to heaven too!
John R. | TX

Today, I prayed with Mildred she is 101years-old. First thing she wanted was the pain to go away in her body. I prayed for her body first then went on to read the script, she admitted she taught Sunday school all her life and had read the Old Testament but she never asked Jesus into her heart or prayed the prayer of salvation. She got excited when she found she could do that. After we prayed her countenance changed, she began to laugh. I asked Mildred if she had anymore pain. She giggled and said that it was all gone since I prayed for it to go. When I was ready to leave she asked for someone to read her the bible. She couldn’t do it any longer and she was hungry for the Word.

This was my first time to go out. I was nervous, but once I got my first person done with I gained more confidence. There was one door that we knocked on with a mom with 5 or 6 kids and we led the whole family to the Lord. It was so cool.  I asked 14 people and everyone accepted Christ. It was awesome.
Mackenzie M. |  TX