Haiti Day 3

Good News Crusades

Publish date: 02/16/2010

The team in Haiti taught the first soul winning class on Monday, with 70 harvesters over 600 people came to the Lord. The Crusade in the evening was another night where thousands of lives were touched and changed.

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Hait15.2.10am_1.JPG (Medium)Hait15.2.10am_3.JPG (Medium)Hait15.2.10am_4.JPG (Medium)Hait15.2.10am_5.JPG (Medium)

Here is the first soul winning class being held in Haiti, and the teams being sent out.

Hait15.2.10am_6.JPG (Large)Hait15.2.10am_7.JPG (Large)Hait15.2.10am_8.JPG (Medium)Hait15.2.10am_9.JPG (Medium)Hait15.2.10am_10.JPG (Large)Hait15.2.10am_12.JPG (Medium)Hait15.2.10am_11.JPG (Medium)Hait15.2.10am_13.JPG (Medium)Hait15.2.10am_14.JPG (Medium)

This woman was a practicing witchcraft. When she saw our soul winners she asked to be led to the Lord, and for them to burn her idols.

Hait15.2.10am_15.JPG (Large)

Here are the pictures from the Open Air Crusade.

Hait15.2.10pm_1.jpg (Large)Hait15.2.10pm_2.jpg (Large)Hait15.2.10pm_3.jpg (Large)Hait15.2.10pm_4.jpg (Large)Hait15.2.10pm_5.jpg (Large)Hait15.2.10pm_6.jpg (Medium)Hait15.2.10pm_7.jpg (Medium)Hait15.2.10pm_8.jpg (Medium)Hait15.2.10pm_10.jpg (Medium)Hait15.2.10pm_9.jpg (Large)

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