Meet the Staff at RMI.

RMI World Headquarters

Publish date: 02/24/2006

Welcome to "Meet the Staff", where you can find out who is working at RMI and also where they work.

Every three  weeks  we will be featuring a new departments of the ministry. This week we have photos of all our departments working their jobs. Some of them we caught off guard in a surprise picture. We hope you enjoy the photos.

Pastor Bazil Howard-Browne, Pastor and Administrator

Pastor Lorna Howard-Browne

Pastor Brian Grein, Assistant Pastor & Dean of RBI

Pastor David Blair,  Assistant Pastor

Pastor Josh Radford, Youth Pastor
 Pastor Michael and Pam Luizzi , Assistant Pastors at the River at Ocala
Pastor Dawn Schegar, Children's Pastor
Theresa Kelly,  Children's Church Administrator 

Tony Geers, Publications Manager & RTN Video Editor

Lesley Geers, Publications Manager

Philip Barrett, RTN, Producer

Atom McCree, RTN, Commercial Editor

Buddy Guiles, RTN, Sound Engineer

Reetta Lehto, RTN, Video Editor

Tomi Lehto, IT Department, Web Application Developer

Andre Nieuwendam, IT Department, Network and System Administrator

Jacques Ardense, Property Maintenance

Kristin Hawes, Hospitality

Gayle Wasik, Personal Assistant

Patty Morrison, Data Entry Department

Jackie Gonzalez, Spanish Translation

Elizabeth Barrett, Finance Department Manager

Nick Hand, Janitorial, Janitorial Supervisor

Stefy Patrick, Administrative Assistant

Shaunna Graham, Administrative Secretary

Rachel Kelly, Data Entry Department Manager

Rachael Larson, RBI Administrator

Paula Korvajarvi, Finance Department

Jussi Korvajarvi, Europe Crusade Director

Danny Kelly, Property Maintenance

Bradley Howard-Browne, IT Department,  Web Editor

Chris Graham, Property Maintenance

Cliff Holley, Security, Security Department Manager

Joel Clenney, Security

Isaac Gates, Security

Bob Hammond, Janitorial

Lori Hand, Nursery