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From The Heart

Publish date: 06/22/2008

Foundation Scriptures: Psalms 72:17; Psalms 148:13

His name shall endure forever; His name shall continue as long as the sun.  Psalms 72:17 NKJV

Let them praise and exalt the name of the Lord, for His name alone is exalted and supreme! His glory and majesty are above earth and heaven!  Psalms 148:13 AMP

A.  A name is the thing by which a person or thing is known. God is called by many different names in the Bible, each of which reveals aspects of His nature and character.

1.  ELOHIM. ELOHIM is the first word used in scripture used to designate "God". "In the beginning ELOHIM created the heaven and the earth." (Genesis 1:1)
  • EL: meaning "God, god, mighty one, strength" (Deuteronomy 32:4). EL is usually used in compound with other terms as EL Elyon, EL Shaddai, etc.
  • EL ELYON: "The Most High" (Deuteronomy 32:8).  
  • Genesis 14:18-20 KJV - And Melchizedek king of Salem brought forth bread and wine: and he was the priest of the most high God [EL Elyon]. 19 And he blessed him, and said, Blessed be Abram of the most high God [EL Elyon], possessor of heaven and earth: 20 And blessed be the most high God [EL Elyon], which hath delivered thine enemies into thy hand.
  • EL OLAM: "The Everlasting God." Not only is He everlasting in duration, but He is everlastingly faithful.
  • Isaiah 26:4 KJV - Trust ye in the Lord for ever: for in the Lord JEHOVAH is everlasting strength.
  • EL SHADDAI: "The Almighty God."
  • Genesis 17:1 KJV - And when Abram was ninety years old and nine, the Lord appeared to Abram, and said unto him, I am the Almighty God; walk before me, and be thou perfect.
  • Some scholars say the word "shaddai" is derived from the word "shad" meaning breast, giving rise to the names "The Satisfier" and "All Sufficient One". Some say "shad" means "mountain". Either way, He is still the God who is more than enough!  
2.  ADONAI: Lord, lord, master, owner, ruler.
  • Used in reference to men and God - it can refer to a person who is a master, owner or ruler, or it can refer to the Lord God, because He is the Master and Owner of everything.
  • When we call Jesus "Lord" we are recognizing Him as our Master – if we call Jesus Lord and do not obey Him then our language and conduct are contradicting each other.

3.  JEHOVAH: the personal NAME of God in His relationship as REDEEMER.
  • Exodus 3:13-15 KJV - And Moses said unto God, Behold, when I come unto the children of Israel, and shall say unto them, The God of your fathers hath sent me unto you; and they shall say to me, What is his name? what shall I say unto them? 14 And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you. 15 And God said moreover unto Moses, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, The Lord God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, hath sent me unto you: this is my name for ever, and this is my memorial unto all generations.
  • Exodus 6:2-3 KJV - And God spake unto Moses, and said unto him, I am the Lord: 3 And I appeared unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and unto Jacob, by the name of God Almighty, but by my name JEHOVAH was I not known to them.
  • Jehovah is the name for the Lord God occurring most frequently in the Old Testament (5,321 times). Jehovah is the covenant name of God expressing personal relationship and when His name is compounded with other terms, together they identify and make specific those relationships.

4.  The Compound Names of JEHOVAH:
  • Genesis 2:4 KJV - These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that the Lord God [Jehovah Elohim] made the earth and the heavens.
  • This name identifies Jehovah with the creation of all things. The Triune God is also the Redeemer of His people.
  • Genesis 22:14 AMP - So Abraham called the name of that place The Lord Will Provide [Jehovah Jireh]. And it is said to this day, On the mount of the Lord it will be provided. 
  • God provided a substitute for Isaac and He provided, for us, once and for all a substitute – the Lamb of God. Romans 8:32 AMP - He who did not withhold or spare [even] His own Son but gave Him up for us all, will He not also with Him freely and graciously give us all [other] things?
  • Exodus 15:26 NASU - And He said, "If you will give earnest heed to the voice of the Lord your God, and do what is right in His sight, and give ear to His commandments, and keep all His statutes, I will put none of the diseases on you which I have put on the Egyptians; for I, the Lord, am your HEALER."
  • He is speaking here about physical diseases and physical diseases. This promise is conditional upon obedience – yours and mine.  
  • Exodus 17:15 AMP - And Moses built an altar and called the name of it, The Lord is my Banner. Moses built this altar to commemorate the victory God gave Israel over Amalek. Aaron and Hur had held up Moses' hands until sunset, and while they did so Israel prevailed.  
  • Song of Solomon 2:4 KJV - He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me was love.
  • Judges 6:24 KJV - Then Gideon built an altar there unto the Lord, and called it Jehovah-shalom. When God called Gideon to lead Israel to victory over the Midianites, the Angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon. When he realized that it was the Angel of the Lord, he thought he would die. The Angel assured him that he would not and spoke peace to him. Jehovah assured him that he would live and lead Israel to triumph. Jehovah was peace to him even before the battles began.
  • Shalom (peace) means more than freedom from conflict; it means prosperity, health, well-being, and faith in the face of conflict.
  • John 14:27 KJV - Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.
  • Psalms 23:1 KJV - The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
  • John 10:11 AMP - I am the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd risks and lays down His [own] life for the sheep.
  • 1 Peter 5:4 NKJV - And when the Chief Shepherd appears, you will receive the crown of glory that does not fade away.
  • Jeremiah 23:6 AMP - In His days Judah shall be saved and Israel shall dwell safely: and this is His name by which He shall be called: The Lord Our Righteousness.
  • 1 Corinthians 1:30 KJV - But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption.
  • Psalms 24:10 AMP - Who is [He then] this King of glory? The Lord of hosts, He is the King of glory.
  • 2 Kings 6:13-17 Elisha's servant's eyes are opened to see the hosts of God – horses and chariots of fire - surrounding the city.
  • Ezekiel 48:35 AMP - The distance around the city shall be 18,000 [4 x 4,500] measures; and the name of the city from that day and ever after shall be, The Lord Is There. God – the great God - is ever present with His people!
  • Hebrews 13:5b-6 NKJV - For He Himself has said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you."  6 So we may boldly say: "The Lord is my helper; I will not fear. What can man do to me?"