Do Not Grow Weary in Doing Good

From The Heart

Publish date: 10/01/2000

But as for you, brethren, do not grow weary in doing good.

II Thessalonians 3:13 NKJ


Let him who is taught the word share in all good things with him who teaches. Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life. And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith.

Galatians 6:6-10 NKJ


The word says that whatever we sow – that is what we will reap. So we should not lose heart and grow weary and faint in acting nobly and doing good and doing right. We will reap in due time and at the appointed season if we do not loosen and relax our courage and faith. There are three things we must do to reap our harvest. Do the right thing. Keep on doing the right thing - don’t let weariness or discouragement stop you. Keep your faith in God’s word activated as you do the right thing.


Being a giver is the right thing to be. Giving is the right thing to do. We must be givers, as a way of life, and we must resist the temptation to change what we are doing and to stop giving when we are weary and frustrated. We must be a blessing to those who minister spiritually into our lives and also to our church family. We must do the right thing because it is the right thing, not because we feel like it or not. The devil is sure to apply pressure to us from time to time, trying to prevent us from doing God’s word and His will. He does not want us to be blessed or fruitful in any way. We must not be moved by what we see and feel and we must DO right because it IS right!


"You have said harsh things against me," says the LORD. "Yet you ask, 'What have we said against you?' "You have said, 'It is futile to serve God. What did we gain by carrying out his requirements and going about like mourners before the LORD Almighty? But now we call the arrogant blessed. Certainly the evildoers prosper, and even those who challenge God escape.'" Then those who feared the LORD talked with each other, and the LORD listened and heard. A scroll of remembrance was written in his presence concerning those who feared the LORD and honored his name.    "They will be mine," says the LORD Almighty, "in the day when I make up my treasured possession. I will spare them, just as in compassion a man spares his son who serves him. And you will again see the distinction between the righteous and the wicked, between those who serve God and those who do not.  Malachi 3:13-18 NIV


Sometimes Christians begin to think that they are hard done by. They feel like they are trying hard and getting nowhere. The “poor, little, old Christian” is struggling along, barely making it, while the devil shows them the ungodly and disobedient and he tells them that these sinners are more blessed and prosperous than they are. The devil tells them that the sinner is getting away with what he is doing. He tries to convince the Christian that all their faithfulness, commitment and devotion to God are for nothing, while the sinner escapes justice. To the frustrated Christian, who believes this lie, it seems as if the sinner is better off than they are and so they begin to gripe at God.


God rebukes us for even thinking that any one individual escapes justice. God is merciful and He is very, very patient with every one of us, but you can be sure that no one gets away with anything. There is a day of reckoning for every one. On that day you do not want to be the one who must give an account of how you stopped doing what you knew to be right just because you were looking at other people. You do not want to be rebuked by God because you had a bad attitude, which prevented you from receiving all of the blessings of God in your life.


There is a scroll of remembrance written in the presence of the Lord, concerning those who fear Him and honor his name. God sees and knows every small thing we do that is right and He will bless and honor us for it. There is a reward waiting for us. No matter how comfortable and prosperous the ungodly seem now. No matter how much it seems that they are getting away with – there is coming a time when the whole earth will see the distinction between the righteous and the wicked, between those who serve God and those who do not. We are His treasured possession and He loves us and is watching over us with compassion. He is taking note of every right and good thing we do and He is also watching our heart attitude as we do it. Take heart and do what you know is right.