The Word of God to Us - From Psalms 119

From The Heart

Publish date: 11/08/2009

Psalm 119 is the longest chapter in the Bible. It was most likely written by David. David was a successful man—as an individual and as a leader—because he reverenced the Word of God, held it in high esteem and lived by it. Even when he made a mistake, he asked the Lord for forgiveness and continued to be submitted to every word that the Lord spoke to him. There are some people who, because they themselves do not want to submit to the Word of God, belittle the Bible and claim that it was written only by the imaginations of mere men and not by inspiration of the Holy Spirit. But 2 Timothy 3:16 NKJV says that, “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.”  Whether people agree or not with God’s word, they will still be judged by it in the end.

Many books that people base their whole life on were written by single authors, many of whom claim to have received their revelations from an angel. The Bible, on the other hand, had 40 authors, but is consistent throughout. There is no doubt it was written by men under inspiration of the Holy Spirit and it is God’s word written directly to us and for us! If we love and honor God’s word, we will succeed and prosper in every area of our lives. To those who have no respect for God’s words, they mean nothing, but to those who love the Word of God and whom have realized its value, it is sweeter than honey and more precious than gold! Romans 11:33 NKJV says, “Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments and His ways past finding out!” Indeed, there is no list or description that can fully do justice to all the words of Almighty God, but read and meditate on this description of the Word of God, taken only from Psalms 119, and let it minister to your Spirit and encourage your heart.

The Word of God is to us:
    •    The law of the Lord—verse 1; 18  
    •    A record of His testimonies—verse 2; 14; 31; 36
    •    A revelation of His ways—verse 3; 15
    •    A code of His precepts—verse 4; 15
    •    A list of His statutes—verse 5; 33
    •    The sum of His commandments—verse 6; 32; 35; 86
    •    The righteous judgments of God—verse 7; 13; 62; 75; 106
    •    The source of cleansing—verse 9
    •    The words of God—verse 11; 16; 57
    •    A ready counselor—verse 24
    •    The source of life—verse 25; 40; 50; 88
    •    A history of God’s wondrous works—verse 27
    •    A tower of strength—verse 28
    •    The way of truth—verse 30; 142; 151
    •    The way of God—verse 1; 37
    •    The way of righteousness—verse 40
    •    The way of salvation—verse 41
    •    A true trust—verse 42
    •    The word of truth—verse 43; 142; 151
    •    The source of hope—verse 49; 81; 114
    •    A source of comfort—verse 52
    •    The subject of songs—verse 54
    •    The foundation of good judgment and knowledge—verse 66; 130
    •    A source of delight—verse 70; 92
    •    Something better than riches—verse 72
    •    A book of promised mercies—verse 76
    •    The testimony of His mouth—verse 88
    •    An eternal plan—verse 89; 91
    •    An unforgettable code of laws—verse 93
    •    Something infinite in its scope—verse 96
    •    A source of wisdom—verse 98
    •    A source of knowledge—verse 99; 104; 130
    •    Something sweeter than honey—verse 103
    •    A lamp to the feet—verse 105
    •    A light to the pathway of life—verse 105
    •    An eternal heritage—verse 111
    •    A source of joy if obeyed—verse 111; 112
    •    A stay in trouble—verse 116
    •    Something to be feared—verse 120
    •    The word of God’s righteousness—verse 123
    •    Something to be loved more than silver and gold—verse 127
    •    Something wonderful—verse 129
    •    The source of light—verse 130
    •    Something understandable to the simple—verse 130
    •    A code of laws for the upright—verse 137
    •    A righteous and faithful testimony of God—verse 138
    •    The pure Word of God—verse 140
    •    The truth from the beginning—verse 160

*    Forty-eightfold Description of the Word of God from Dake’s Annotated Reference Bible.