Momentum Youth

The River Church

Publish date: 01/14/2010

Here are the pictures from our Wednesday night Momentum Youth service. Worship, an odd game, and  a challenging message on defilement. We ended the night with the leaders praying for the students. Don't forget the Quarterly Gathering this Friday @7pm in Studio B!



IMG_6475.JPG (Medium)IMG_6480.JPG (Medium)IMG_6473.JPG (Medium)IMG_6484.JPG (Medium)IMG_6491.JPG (Large)IMG_6526.JPG (Large)IMG_6507.JPG (Medium)IMG_6510.JPG (Medium)IMG_6530.JPG (Large)IMG_6536.JPG (Medium)IMG_6540.JPG (Medium)IMG_6543.JPG (Large)IMG_6550.JPG (Medium)IMG_6555.JPG (Medium)IMG_6557.JPG (Medium)IMG_6563.JPG (Medium)IMG_6571.JPG (Large)IMG_6581.JPG (Large)IMG_6586.JPG (Medium)IMG_6588.JPG (Medium)IMG_6592.JPG (Large)