From The Heart

Publish date: 01/26/2003

The River Bible Institute Assignment - October 16, 2002
By Kelly Howard-Browne
Student ID #1694
For: Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne

I feel called to world evangelism, revival and a music ministry. I want to travel anywhere God takes me and sing, preach and teach. I want to travel to other nations where you need an interpreter, but I want to be able to speak in English (without an interpreter) and the people will understand me, because the Holy Spirit will translate my (His) words to them. (This might only be necessary when I’m not able to find a translator, but still it would be awesome.) Also, I want to be translated from place to place - every once in a while or whatever. (That would also be awesome.) I want to travel to the deep jungles of Africa, Spain, Asia, India, Europe and the Middle East, as well as wherever else God calls me to go, also Russia and probably the Ukraine, Norway, Greece and Rome.

I feel compelled to everywhere I go, to raise up a church with a school, a bible school, a hospital (where we will attract the unsaved with the word "Hospital," and we will pray for them and get them saved and healed), an orphanage, and a food and clothing ministry.

Once I go to a place and get a lot of people saved, I'll train them to flow in revival and win souls and run the whole ministry there. Then, I'll move on to the next place to win souls, have revival, and establish a local place where the work of God can continue, then I'll move on to the next place and so on. God is Awesome!!
A Song, Written by Kelly Howard-Browne

I look through my window, at your face
Giv’n me love and peace and your grace
With your strength I live on, in this wide place, my peace sustained in you. (x2)

All that I do, I do for you
I exalt you above all else
And when I see your face, it melts my heart
Your power so penetrates

Giv’n all I have trained for all my life
I will serve you always in mind, in my heart and my soul
To you I freely give (x2)

Thank you Lord for Jesus Christ
For the Holy Spirit that brings the light
We're able to spread revival through this land