True Freedom

From The Heart

Publish date: 07/03/2016

Foundation scriptures:
Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. 2 Corinthians 3:17 KJV

Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance. Psalm 33:12 KJV

1. Many take liberty for granted 

a. Salvation - purchased on Calvary.
b. America – 1776.
c. This great land of the United States of America was founded because of man’s desire to be free and to have religious freedom.
d. In this land, one can have a dream and can see that dream become a reality, regardless of race, color or creed.
e. This is what America stands for. It is a nation founded by pioneers who had to brave the first winter and the ruggedness of this land to establish what is still known as the greatest country on the face of the earth.

2. Called as Missionaries 

a. God called us to America and opened the door for us to come here in 1987.
b. He told us that just as America had sown missionaries into the nations of the world over the last two hundred years, so He was going to raise people up from other nations and send them to the United States.
c. He told us to come and stir up the churches and tell them to get ready for the coming revival.
d. Thank God that not only did He tell us to get ready for revival, but He also sent us a revival!

3. We have had Revival... but we must have an Awakening

a. We have an overwhelming desire to see America saved and changed by the power of God and filled with the fires of revival.  
b. That is what motivates us, compels and constrains us.
c. We count it a great privilege to be called as missionaries to the U.S.A.
d. We have made America our home and are proud to be Americans - living in the land of opportunity, choosing to be pioneers, and braving new frontiers.  

4. We celebrate America and what she represents - 4th of July  

a. A nation of visionaries and pioneers.
b. A nation born of the melding of people of many nations – one nation under God.
c. Anyone can become an American.
d. Those who were not born here, but are adopted into the nation, often appreciate it more.
e. Each generation must keep the lamp of liberty brightly lit for the next generation.
f. America is a nation of immigrants.
g. Legal immigrants – who adopted this land, and the Constitution – and who left the past behind.
h. We are immigrants. ?

5. Poetry - 2 poems 

a. AMERICA by Dr. Rodney M. Howard-Browne
b. America - Our Continued Fight for Freedom?by Dr. Rodney M. Howard-Browne?

6. Will you accept the Freedoms purchased at Calvary?

a. Jesus gave His all.
b. 56 signers of the Declaration sacrificed everything.
c. There is a price to pay for freedom.
d. Let’s not forget.
e. Receive freedom today.

by Dr. Rodney M. Howard-Browne

From the harbor brightly shining, the lady her beacon beams
To all those tired and weary, come to freedom’s dream
And now that freedom threatened, revival her only hope
America your time has come, to fulfill your heavenly goal
From the grandeur of Alaska, to the blue of the Florida Keys
From the Aloha of the Islands, to Maine it’s plain to see
Fifty nations, it seems to fill your shores, as weary travelers come
To seek the joy that freedom brings, and to bask beneath your sun
The cry my heart desires, as one born out of due time
The burning cry of revival, from one of your newest sons.
America, America, may your Eagle soar again High above the clouds of darkness, back into His glory once again.

America - Our Continued Fight for Freedom
by Dr. Rodney M. Howard-Browne

America – today 240 years old – born 4th July 1776 – birthed out of pain and a hunger to worship freely, wise men with their dreams came from the East; the first winter survived, through the red man they were blessed. Thanksgiving, a yearly reminder, we were blessed out of their provision. The new land yielding of her bounty, the fight for a new world is made, from east to west, new frontiers, covenants made, trail of tears, the red man would also give his blood as covenants were broken.

Over the decades, and down through the years, through all the pain, sorrow and many tears, many a man would lay down his life for freedom’s dream, and so while the sword and canon spoke, the pen being mightier than them all, produced a Bill of Rights; wise fathers penned the Constitution. From this Constitution we cannot sway, not one jot or tittle can be allowed to be taken away – not even by the highest courts of the land – for if it is altered America no more shall stand.

One nation under God, united, defeated the enemy’s might. Our flag was still flying by the dawn’s early light, propped up by our flesh, as men would resist to lower the flag, the broad stripes and bright stars that would signal a nation had been born – tyranny swept aside – the flag was still waving – over the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Many wars were fought on every front, even among us brother to brother – the blue and the grey as the red blood flowed – giving way to the red, white and blue. Slavery, the curse of every family, the cry of every mother – brought to a halt – the desire of all to be free. We hold these truths to be self-evident - all men are created equal – and from this Declaration of Independence we cannot sway.

Ellis Island would be the place where the stranger would come seeking freedom – the Lady with the Lamp the way beaming – give me your huddled and tired masses – they will find rest on my shores. 13 states, that became one nation under God, would grow to become a Jubilee of fifty nations within our borders. Many times, over the years, the balance of power would sway. Thankfully, three divisions of government would equally tip the scales – the checks and balances by our Founding Fathers laid – the dream that all would be equal from a mountain the Promised Land was seen – that we would not be judged by the color of our skin. America would become the Land of Jubilee – the place of the dream.

This nation has walked away from its plumb line, three million-plus laws on the statute books you’ll find, replacing the Ten Commandments. Prayer taken out of schools, our people oppressed by drugs and alcohol, slaves to pornography and STDs, HIV, millions of unborn babies aborted. While many are trying not to retain God in their knowledge, they are given over to a reprobate mind, professing themselves to wise they become fools, something has to be done and must be done soon. This cannot be done without Divine Intervention.

This is the day this is the hour – we must hear from Heaven and so now we pray.

You have guided us these many years, now hear from Heaven, forgive our sin and heal our land – for You were seen in the watch-fires of a hundred circling camps, altars were built in the evening dews and damps. As You died to make men holy, so we will live to make them free, Your truth is marching on.

O Sovereign Heavenly Father, in Jesus mighty name, we pray grant mercy on us one more time – as You have each century – a generation now lost their way – may we still say “in God we trust” and be “one nation” under Thee. Heavenly Father, we as a generation refuse to give up – we will stand as one – and humble ourselves and pray, and seek Your face and turn from our wicked ways. You have promised to come and heal our land – a new generation is rising up with faith, and the anointing to set the captives free, and marching through the land to see another Great Awakening. This is our purpose; this is our goal – IGNITING A GENERATION – for a nation to fulfill its call!