Marriage Confession for Husbands

From The Heart

Publish date: 05/09/2021

I covenant with God to treasure my wife and be faithful to her
I am a man of integrity
I am the husband of one wife
I am wholly committed to my wife
I confine myself to her
I live joyfully with her
By the grace of God I am the head of my home
I am the priest and prophet of my home
I am submitted to God as I lovingly lead my wife and family  
I love my wife as Christ loves the church
I give my life for her
I love my wife like my own flesh
I provide for her
I carefully protect her
I remember that God gave her to me
She is my grace gift
She is my “good thing” – the evidence of God’s favor on my life
I live considerately with my wife
I intelligently recognize our marriage union
I honor my wife as physically the weaker
However, I realize that spiritually, we are equals
We are both joint-heirs of the grace of life
We are both joint-heirs of the unmerited favor of God
I do this so we can pray effectively
I do this so our prayers will not be hindered or cut off
I remember that she is more sensitive and tender than I am
I am affectionate and sympathetic toward her
I am patient and kind toward her
I am sensitive to her needs and desires
I am never harsh, bitter or resentful toward her
I humble myself to be compassionate, courteous, and tenderhearted toward her
I belong to my wife and my wife belongs to me
My body belongs to my wife and my wife’s body belongs to me
I make it a priority to please and bless my wife
I make it a priority to try to meet her needs
My earnest desire is to please her
I rejoice in my wife
She is a blessing to me
She is my best friend
Thank You Lord for my wife